18 Personalized Video Examples From Top Brands That Will Wow You

18 Personalized Video Examples From Top Brands That Will Wow You

In a world filled with information and content overload, the average consumer is an expert at filtering out irrelevant and uninteresting content. So how can brands capture and keep their customer’s attention? Two words: Personalized Video.

Over 70% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging, so personalization is a critical element of effective brand communications. When you combine it with a dynamic medium that’s entertaining and shareable, you’ve got a tool with amplified power.

For some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 18 Personalized Video examples from a few of today’s top brands. And if you need more, browse through the dozens of other Personalized Video marketing examples in our gallery.

1. Personalized Sales in Live Action

Best for: Cross-selling current customers

The personal details are what make this campaign from Barclays stand out. Rather than just telling customers how a loan can help, the company paints a picture — well, creates a video — to show what’s possible.

Look for personalized details throughout this live-action video and notice how they blend seamlessly with the rest of the scene, from a new car with a custom plate to a house with their name on it. The actress even says the customer’s name. This is one of the best examples of Personalized Video cross-selling in banking.

2. Dynamic Videos From Google

Best for: Supporting businesses (B2B2C)

Marketing videos aren’t always made directly for customers as you saw in the first Personalized Video example on this list. Sometimes one brand makes them for partner companies to leverage. For example, a realty company might create Personalized Videos for its agents to use to introduce themselves to potential clients.

In this example, Google wanted to support SMBs. To do so, they offered a creative solution: unique videos highlighting the best parts of that brand’s Google My Business profile.

From their most popular photos to top reviews, these Personalized Videos told each brand’s story in a visual format they could share with their customers.

3. Modular Personalized Video

Best for: Adding on new products going forward

Allianz was thinking long-term with their award-winning personalized onboarding campaign. They shot scenes in a modular format so they could add new products as needed.

And the creative is riveting, too. With pyrotechnics, 3D simulations and live-action stunts, new customers were immersed in an entertaining visual tour of their insurance purchases. Who said insurance was boring?

4. Shareable Stats

Best for: Massive social sharing

This huge Ubisoft campaign featured Personalized Videos for nearly 5 million gamers, all with their own unique gaming history. Displaying stats on a backdrop of dynamic game scenes, the data-driven videos told each gamer’s story in a format they were eager to share with their social network.

It’s easy to make recaps like these UGC, allowing gamers to choose the stats they want to see. You can also add in a personalized infographic, as Ubisoft did, to further drive social sharing.

5. Bespoke Footage

Best for: Live events

For the annual Boston Marathon, adidas showed up. They weren’t just a sponsor. They captured footage of each of the runners in action and then created and sent out 30,000 dynamic videos to each runner.

Now, 30,000 is relatively small in the world of Personalized Video, where we’re often talking in the millions, but this was delivered on the same day. And the videos included each runner’s unique race data and actual footage of their run, so it remains one of our favorite campaigns of all time.

The results? A 95% video completion rate and nearly a 12x increase on sales from emails with the video — an incredibly effective campaign all around.

6. A Personalized Video With Magic

Best for: A cinematic welcome

There are welcome letters and emails. And then there are cinematic personalized videos for every single customer.

If the latter sounds more magical, that’s because it is, and it’s exactly what Disney chose to use for their vacation club members. How would you feel if your Personalized Video had pixie dust on it?

7. Personalized Music for Members

Best for: Custom soundtrack

Orangetheory Fitness really flexed their creative muscles with this one.

For their year-in-review video, the company hired a music producer to create a personalized soundtrack based on each member’s workout heartbeats (BPM) and then turned it into a personalized music video.

When combined with visuals displaying the member’s fitness achievements, the clip became a perfect piece of shareable content.

8. Video Storytelling

Best for: Presenting that main character moment

Video is a powerful storytelling tool, and the University of South Dakota knows it. What better way to get admitted students excited about their future at USD than to show them all that’s in store for them — personally?

Filmed from the point of view of the person watching and filled with personalized details, this video is like a peek into the future, starring everyone’s favorite character: themselves.

9. Personalized Reminders From Tesco

Best for: Driving spending with relevant recommendations

Sometimes loyalty club members need a little push to take advantage of their benefits. Tesco created the above video to offer personalized recommendations to places Clubcard members might enjoy using their vouchers.

Even something as simple as using a customer’s first name — “Hi James” — can be the eye-catching intro that leads to action.

10. A Trip Down Memory Lane With Delta

Best for: Remembering the good times

It’s great to reminisce, especially when it’s about our favorite travel experiences.

With this in mind, Delta created a Personalized Video with fun highlights from its Medallion members’ journeys. Data like the number of places visited to the number of miles earned gave members a high-level picture of how valuable their membership really is.

And it not only reminded members of the good times they’ve had as a Delta flyer. The dynamic video was easy to share on social media, further increasing brand awareness and engagement.

11. Personalized Bill Explainer

Best for: Making billing easy to understand

No one wants to read a lot of text about bills, but watching a video is easy. This Personalized Video by Travelers includes a warm welcome, personalized data for what’s due when and even an interactive CTA right in the video so customers can click to enroll in autopay.

12. Personalized Upgrade Offer From Vodafone

Best for: Upselling current customers

Customers pay attention to personalized recommendations, so it makes sense that Vodafone addressed the viewer by name in this upselling video.

Starting off with that attention-grabber, Vodafone then outlines the benefits of an upgrade offer customized for that viewer. It’s a great way to not only increase conversions but continue to build your overall customer experience.

13. A Creative Invite From Cadbury

Best for: Getting customers involved

Personalized Video can be used in surprisingly creative ways when it comes to digital communications. We’ve already seen a few with these video personalization examples, but Cadbury really switched things up when they launched their Cadbury Glow campaign.

The campaign allowed users to automatically create personalized clips to be sent to their loved ones. Presenting a heartfelt message personalized with names and photos from the user’s Facebook page, the video successfully encouraged customers to engage with Cadbury’s brand and expanded its reach on social media.

14. A Year’s Worth of News

Best for: A year-end recap

There’s nothing like the end of the year to get everyone in a reminiscent mood. The Financial Times tapped into this by creating a roundup of top stories their subscribers were able to learn about through the publication.

By highlighting their reading stats and popular topics, the video was completely personalized for the subscriber, encouraging them to stay with the Financial Times for another year of headlines.

15. Personalized Mortgage Offer

Best for: Simplifying a complex process

Homebuying can be a complicated and confusing process, especially when it comes to mortgages. Luckily for Rocket Mortgage customers, a Personalized Video broke it down for them.

Using customer data, the company was able to calculate the home price each customer could afford as well as provide estimates for the monthly payments and closing costs. Even better, it was presented in a welcoming video that made it easy to take that next step.

16. A Time-Traveling Personalized Video

Best for: Seeing into the future

With a goal of encouraging customers to save for their future, BBVA developed their incredible “Future Self” campaign full of personalized details.

Depending on who the recipient was, the name, pension plan information, and even visual and audio details changed. As a result, this personalized message from their “older selves” increased retirement savings by 78%.


Find out how BBVA used video to change consumer behavior

17. A Personalized Video Reminder

Best for: Loyalty

ExxonMobil knew they needed to pull out all the stops to get their inactive members engaged again. In this Personalized Video example, relevant details about points and rewards combine with fantastical circus-themed visuals for a live-action video their members would be sure to remember. It’s not every day you get a personalized message from a crystal ball reader, after all.

18. Retention With USAA

Best for: Illustrating value

With no tangible product, it can sometimes be hard for customers to see the benefits of their insurance purchases.

USAA tackled this issue with a clever animation that showed exactly what their services could do for their customers. Plus, by including details about each recipient’s coverage plans, discounts and savings, the video is relevant and informational, providing extra value to the viewer.

Create Your Own Personalized Videos

We hope you enjoyed these Personalized Video examples.

Excited about creating your own? You can easily launch Personalized Video marketing campaigns with our self-serve Next Generation Video Platform (or we can do it for you).

Our platform syncs with your CRM and other data sources, so you can dynamically input your customers’ data to have videos rendered in real-time and at scale. That means your video content will always be up-to-date and can reach millions at a time.

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