Dynamic Video Ads

Videos Relevant to Each Audience

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all video advertising. With Dynamic Video Ads, you can create targeted videos for every segment of your audience. Generate millions of dynamic videos based on your customer’s device, location and more.

What Is Dynamic Video?

Target audiences based on a range of data, such as their location, interests, behavior, demographics and more. Our DCO for video platform lets you dynamically pull different scenes based on user data, resulting in customized videos perfectly tailored to each individual.

Benefits of Dynamic Video


Generate millions of dynamic videos in 100x real time. You can even connect our platform to your catalog to create a unique ad for every product.


Take advantage of modular layouts that accommodate multiple brands and products. Our AI video solution can make production even faster.


Capture attention by showing customers a video made just for them. Dynamic videos are hyper-personalized, so they’re more relevant and actionable.


Be everywhere your customer is — effortlessly. Convert your video to multiple formats adapted for social, CTV, online video, banner ads and more.

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Dynamic Video Ad Results

Dynamic Video Ads are proven to increase engagement and conversions. Take a look at some of our success metrics across industries.
1 x
CTR lift
1 x
brand recall
1 x
higher video
completion rate
1 x
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Client Testimonials

Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads solution gave us the opportunity to seamlessly leverage customer data in a new and exciting way. It was an industry first and a direct reflection of how much we value driving meaningful connections and wow moments with each and every one of our customers.
We’ve found that using Idomoo technology to engage with our customers, sustains and promotes our brand image as well as providing a high ROI. We’re extremely satisfied with the outcome of working with Idomoo on our various projects and will soon be expanding our campaigns across Asia.

Dynamic Video Ads FAQs

What do I need to start using Dynamic Video Ads?

Creating dynamic videos for your next ad campaign is simple. You’ll need video creative (either repurposed or new) and information about your target audience. Then access our platform where you can define what each audience sees — or we can take care of it for you with our full-service option.

Are Dynamic Video Ads expensive?

Dynamic video is more affordable than legacy video because it spreads the cost (and impact) of video over millions of viewers without losing relevance. Create one video with dynamic scenes and data. Then use our platform to automatically create different videos based on predefined logic. Hiring an animator to do this would be cost prohibitive, but it’s affordable with our dynamic video technology.

How is Idomoo's DCO different from others?

Savvy advertisers rely on dynamic creative optimization to serve the best ads that are most likely to convert. But while creating different versions of text or images might be easy, changing videos — in real time — usually isn’t. With Idomoo, it’s different. Using our real-time platform, you can create multiple versions of your video and launch campaigns quickly. Just connect our secure platform to your data source to empower hyper-personalized video ad content at scale.

What use cases is dynamic video best for?

Dynamic Video Ads fit an advertising use case. They’re great if you want to focus on sales or general engagement.

If you’re looking to boost loyalty and reduce churn among current customers, dynamic video can still help, but these won’t be ads. Instead, you’ll use the same Next Generation Video Platform to create dynamic videos that aren’t just hyper-targeted to a segment — they’re personalized to the individual. This kind of dynamic video works best for use cases like onboarding, customer service, bill explainers and year-in-review recaps.

To learn more, check out our Personalized Video solution.

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