Dynamic Video Ads

Videos Targeted to Each Viewer

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all video advertising. With Dynamic Video Ads, you can create hyper-targeted videos for every viewer in your audience. Generate thousands of dynamic videos instantly across multiple ad formats.

What Is Dynamic Video?

Target audiences based on a range of data, such as their location, interests, behavior, demographics and more. Our DCO for video platform lets you dynamically pull different scenes based on user data, resulting in customized videos perfectly tailored to each individual.

And with our Meta integration, you can seamlessly upload them to your social media ad campaign to run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Benefits of Dynamic Video


Capture attention by speaking to potential customers in a way that aligns with their interests and needs. Because dynamic videos are targeted to the individual, they’re instantly more relevant and actionable.


Set up your campaign fast. You can easily repurpose existing creative or take advantage of our scene libraries. Our platform also includes automation tools so content adapts to changes in scene length and more.


Scale up your advertising with thousands of variations of your video content to reach every consumer microsegment. You can even connect our platform to your catalog, generating a separate ad for every product.


It’s easy to optimize your marketing campaign. Generate multiple versions of your Dynamic Video Ads for the same segment with our DCO for video solution. Then run A/B or multivariate tests to see which converts more.

Dynamic Video Ad Results

Dynamic Video Ads are proven to increase engagement and conversions. Take a look at some of our success metrics across industries.
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CTR lift
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brand recall
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higher video
completion rate
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Client Campaigns

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Dynamic Video FAQs

What do I need to start using Dynamic Video Ads?

Creating dynamic videos for your next ad campaign is simple. You’ll need video creative (either repurposed or new) and information about your target audience. Then access our platform where you can define what each audience segment sees — or we can take care of it for you. You’ll also need an ad account with Meta to launch campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Are Dynamic Video Ads expensive?

Dynamic video is more affordable than legacy video because it spreads the cost (and impact) of video over thousands or even millions of viewers without losing relevance. Create one video with dynamic scenes and data. Then use our platform to automatically create different videos based on predefined logic. Hiring an animator to do this would be cost prohibitive, but it’s affordable with our dynamic video technology.

How is Idomoo's DCO different from others?

Savvy advertisers rely on dynamic creative optimization to serve the best ads that are most likely to convert. But while creating different versions of text or images might be easy, changing videos — in real time — usually isn’t. With Idomoo, it’s different. Using our real-time platform, you can test multiple versions of your video at once, make changes on the fly (it’s just a few clicks) and push them live instantly. It’s optimization made easy.

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