Bill Explainer Solution

Cut Confusion,
Boost Satisfaction

The Case for Bill Explainers

How Personalized Video Explainers Help

Improve Onboarding

A customer’s first bill can be a point of friction. Explain important deadlines or complex concepts like pro rata in a Personalized Video that tells them exactly what they need to know.

Reduce Churn

There’s nothing like a high bill or unexpected change to spark dissatisfaction. Get ahead of it by communicating with customers through a medium that’s personal yet scalable.

Cut Call Volume

Offload support calls to your call center by answering questions proactively and personally. Interactive Videos even allow customers to self-serve on demand.

Boost Transparency

Send customers monthly or quarterly updates of their costs and coverage in an easy-to-watch video. Add visual benchmarking to show at a glance how they compare with others.

Explainer Video Results

Take a look at some of our clients’ results from personalized bill explainers and more.
90-day churn reduction
1 %
fewer support calls
1 %
customer satisfaction rating
1 %
1 x

What Customers Are Saying

Idomoo made a real impact on the way we communicate and engage with our customers in a proactive manner. Personalized Video brings us closer to our customers, raises their satisfaction … and lowers our service overhead.
Buying and selling a home can be a very complex process. By providing a unique, transparent experience through Personalized Videos, we help our members simplify the process.

Explainer Videos

The General
Increase Contributions
American Water
Navy Federal Credit Union
Equity Statement
Customer Support
Patient Education
University of Dayton
Financial Aid
The Hartford
US Bank
Escrow Analysis
BT Consumer
Lloyds Bank
Pension Statement
Loan Process Explainer

Let’s Talk

We help you talk to customers in a way they understand with video bill explainers and more. Get in touch to see how it can work for you.

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