How Personalization Works
on Our Site

If you’re watching a video on our site, you might notice it’s sometimes personalized for you, including a greeting with your name.

How do we do it?

When it comes to your data, we only have information you’ve shared with us. So if you’ve told us your first name — say, by filling out a form to download one of our really cool, data-packed whitepapers — then we can use that to personalize videos you watch on our site.

Data Used in Our videos

When you watch videos in our inspiration gallery and elsewhere on our website, you’ll notice that most of the data isn’t personalized for you. That’s because these videos were created for brands to share with their customers. They might include data such as:
  • Loyalty rewards points earned
  • First day of service
  • A recap of customer activity
  • Explanation of a bill
But those aren’t your rewards, service, activity or bills. We use made-up data for the versions of campaign videos on our site. And even if you were a customer of one of the brands we’ve worked with, we wouldn’t know or have access to your data. Customer data in our Personalized Videos is always secure, masked and anonymized.

Opting Out

If you don’t want to see videos personalized for you, no problem. You can opt out of cookies at any time.