Personalized Graphics

A Right-Sized Solution for Quick Impact

Want quick visual personalization but don’t need a full Personalized Video? Personalized Graphics are the perfect way to surprise and delight your customers.

What Are Personalized Graphics?

Personalized Graphics are any graphic with 1:1 personalization. From infographics to GIFs, these graphics work best for lighter use cases like celebrating a customer’s birthday or announcing a time-sensitive promotion.

Just like with Personalized Video, you can incorporate any data into your graphic, scalable to millions of customers. It’s all handled seamlessly in our automated, purpose-built platform.

Benefits of Personalized Graphics

Launch Quickly

Add personalization to any graphic and launch campaigns with just a few clicks. Our platform connects straight to your CRM or other data source.

Increase CTR

Add a personalized thumbnail to increase clicks to your video or other content. You can even make it a GIF to add eye-catching movement to emails.

Drive Social Shares

Celebrate your customers with a Personalized Graphic that’s easy for them to share across social platforms, further increasing your brand reach.

Grow Loyalty

Visual personalization adds an extra touch that shows you care. Use Personalized Graphics for a quick hello or happy birthday so you stay top of mind.

Personalized Graphic Results

Personalized Graphics work well as stand-alone campaigns or to add some extra fun to your Personalized Video campaign. Take a look at our clients’ results.
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Personalized Graphic FAQs

What formats can Personalized Graphics be made in?

Our Personalized Graphics are either GIFs or images. For images, the 2 most common formats are thumbnails for videos and data-driven infographics. Our platform can personalize any graphic, animated or still, at scale.

How easily are Personalized Graphics shared on social media?

Sharing a graphic on social media is easy. Your customer simply uploads their Personalized Graphic to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the platform of their choice. We recommend adding share links and campaign hashtags to encourage social sharing.

Are Personalized Graphics limited to a specific template?

No, Personalized Graphics have near unlimited visual variety. You can take advantage of a template to speed the design process, but our platform is flexible to work with any creative.

How is a personalized GIF different from a Personalized Video?

There are a few key differences. Personalized GIFs don’t have audio. They’re also a much smaller file size. One benefit is that they can auto-play in email. This makes them a great option for a thumbnail to link to your Personalized Video, but they work well for any email campaign.

Are there any limitations on the types of data I can use for personalizing graphics?

No, you can personalize your graphic with any kind of data, just like you can with our Personalized Videos. Add customer data from your CRM, contextual data from the user (like their location) or even live data from another source. Data can also be real time, so the graphic automatically updates with the latest data the moment it’s rendered, or add it in batch mode. You choose.

Is there a limit on the number of personalized graphics I can generate?

Scale is no issue. We use the same purpose-built platform for Personalized Graphics that we use for our Personalized Video campaigns that have included millions of concurrently rendered videos. Our platform has been battle-tested by the world’s top brands in banking, gaming and more.

What are popular use cases for Personalized Graphics?

Personalized Graphics work for a range of use cases. Here are a few popular among our clients.


  • Social media: Create a share-worthy infographic personalized for every customer that they’ll love posting on their social channels.
  • Video thumbnails: Increase CTR with a thumbnail that includes your customer’s name or data relevant to them.
  • Email marketing: GIFs autoplay in email to catch attention. Add personalization to make them even more effective.
  • Special occasions: Want to wish your customer a happy birthday or anniversary? A personalized GIF or graphic is quick and memorable.

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