Our one-of-a-kind open Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS™) platform is purpose-built for a world of dynamic, data-driven video. Generate one hundred or one million videos in cinematic quality and in real time.

Idomoo Has Built the World’s Most Powerful
Data-driven Video Platform: PVaaS™

Authoring Tools Scene Builder – based onAdobe AE Plugin Scene Viewer– enables realtime visualization of PV duringauthoring Developer APIs Simple APIs for developers: Storyboard API Scene API Metadata API Composition Tool Storybuilder – provides asimple drag n’ drop webinterface for story creation Change logic, add or removescenes or make any otherchanges, instantly Automation Tools Integration hub – integrationwith marketing clouds,Facebook, Instagram, othersfor data ingestion &distribution Analytics dashboard
Idomoo Rendering Engine

Authoring Tools

  • Scene Builder – based on Adobe AE Plugin
  • Scene Viewer – enables real time visualization of PV during authoring


Composition Tool

  • Storybuilder – provides a simple drag n’ drop web interface for story creation
  • Change logic, add or remove scenes or make any other changes, instantly


Automation Tools

  • Integration hub – integration with marketing clouds, Facebook, Instagram, others for data ingestion & distribution
  • Analytics dashboard


Developer APIs

Simple APIs for developers:

  • Storyboard API
  • Scene API
  • Metadata API

Detailed Platform Features

Data-driven video providers often tout their scalability, realtime rendering or open platform, but what do these claims actually mean? Take a peek under the hood and explore the features of our full stack, open platform. Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.

General Platform Features

Full Stack Open Platform

Idomoo Full Stack Open Platform

From creating the core video building blocks to distributing the results to millions of customers, Idomoo empowers you to create a fully personalized video campaign on your own terms. But what does an open platform really mean? It means you can start using all of our platform capabilities without even speaking with us. It means you can create your campaigns on your own, using our simple-to-use tools that encompass everything from authoring and composition to automation and distribution. And it means you can access our platform capabilities through our robust set of Developer APIs.

Still need help? it’s never more than a few clicks away with our comprehensive academy, 24/7 support, and, if you need some extra guidance, our dedicated Customer Success and Project Management teams will be happy to help.

Ease of Use

Real-time editing and visualization, intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, automated clip adjustments, simple flowcharts and other tools all come together to enable you to launch your data-driven video campaigns, without the headaches. This is why our customers have been able to launch massive and complex campaigns sent to millions of customers within days, and to make changes to existing campaigns virtually on the fly. Our ease of use has been one of the main drivers for customers to switch over to Idomoo’s platform, as the ability to easily set up and manage campaigns in a cost effective way is a real game changer.

Flexible Data Ingestion

We provide multiple options for uploading data to our platform. We encourage our customers to use our easy-to-deploy real-time video generation API, as this will always ensure the most recent and relevant data is pulled for each customer. However, for those customers who prefer to upload their data in advance using batch mode, they can easily do so by uploading a CSV and either pre-rendering or using just-in-time rendering for their videos. Our upload process uses a secure SFTP server, as well as several other security measures as described below.

Up to 100X Real-Time Video Generation

You’ll hear people talking about real-time rendering, but what does “real-time” actually mean? If it takes 1 minute to render a 1 minute video, how long will the viewer have to wait to see their video? And if another 3 million customers attempt to also view their videos at the same time, how will that impact the user experience? The reality is that in order to deliver a seamless real-time viewing experience at scale, your platform would need to render the videos at significantly faster speeds than real-time, and also deploy additional optimizations such as progressive downloads in order to improve the viewing experience. At idomoo, “real-time” means that the viewer can start watching their video within 3 seconds of clicking on “play”. Often, much faster. And it means that we can deliver this experience even when millions of viewers are generating their videos simultaneously. How do we do it? Our secret sauce is our purpose-built, patented, GPU-based video rendering engine that is unmatched in the industry.

So the next time you hear somebody talk about real-time video generation, you may want to ask them what they actually mean.

Proven Scalability

Idomoo offers proven scalability for generating millions of concurrent videos in real-time in, with as much (or as little) data-driven personalization as you want! For example, on Epic’s Fortnite project, we rendered a record-breaking 3+ million videos per hour, unrivalled by any existing rendering technology. It’s one thing to have theoretical scalability, but until it’s been battle-tested, it doesn’t mean much…

Template Libraries

If you have access to a production studio and the budgets to produce your video from scratch – great! But this isn’t always the case. Idomoo Template Libraries are built with flexibility in mind, enabling you to tell the right, relevant story at any point in the customer journey, without requiring a production studio each time. Our video templates allow for easy customization so that you can really make them your own and create your Personalized Video campaign in just a few clicks.

Dynamic Scene Selection

In order for a Personalized Video to be truly personal, you’d have to do more than insert the recipient’s name before going ahead with your generic message. A truly personalized video implies that the message itself, or in this case the flow of the story, be personalized to the viewer. We call this Dynamic Scene Selection, and it allows our platform to choose which sequence of scenes to use for each viewer based on the logic defined for each campaign. In essence, the scenes are placed on a decision tree rather than in a linear fashion as they are in legacy video. The scene selection then occurs in real time, based on each customer’s relevant data. With Dynamic Scene Selection, each viewer is guaranteed to receive the most relevant and accurate messaging, for a truly personalized experience.

Native Dynamic Elements

Dynamic elements are the elements of the video that change from viewer to viewer. The technical challenge in generating data-driven videos is the need to render high volumes of entire video files – something that is simply impossible with legacy rendering technology. At Idomoo, we solved for this challenge by developing an industry-leading rendering engine that renders videos at up to 100X real-time speed. This enables us to treat dynamic elements as if they were native to the video, enabling their insertion at any layer of the video and subjecting them to the same corrections and SFX as the non-dynamic elements. This ensures that the dynamic elements appear fully native to the video, rather than appearing as an afterthought as they often do when using competing technologies. The reason for this is the widespread industry usage of overlays, object tracking and stitching solutions – all of which provide an inferior workaround that can’t match the quality of true Native Personalized Video.

We also offer endless flexibility when it comes to the type of dynamic elements you can incorporate into your videos: text, images, video-in-video, colors, narration, sound effects, background music, fonts, font colors, and so much more.

Integration Hub

While our platform allows for full access via API, we also offer key integrations to facilitate data ingestion, campaign set-up and distribution. The list of integrations is always growing and includes Facebook (we are a Facebook Marketing Partner), Salesforce, Instagram and others.

Multi-Language Support

To date, Idomoo has produced campaigns in over 40 languages, with support for right-to-left, mixed languages and custom fonts, all in the full Unicode range and within the same text placeholder. In addition to text on-screen, Idomoo can support multiple languages for voice-over and close captions as well.

Here’s an interesting challenge: What happens when you can’t predict the language (e.g. a customer’s name can be Japanese, Arabic or English – or even a combination of the three? Idomoo has a mechanism to use the correct font for every user input, automatically and with zero hassle.

APIs, APIs, and… APIs!

Our full platform capabilities can be accessed from anywhere using our robust set of Developer APIs:

  • Scene API: Enables full developer control, enabling video generation, scene selection and layering, placeholder attributes, displayed content, audio and more…
  • Storyboard API: A simple API to generate a video based on an existing storyboard. Simply provide the input parameters and the desired output format and generate as many Personalized Videos as you want.
  • Metadata API: Enquire about your scenes, storyboards, and account. Upload scenes and manage libraries. In effect, you can automate your entire video production process using the metadata API.
Secure Platform

Idomoo’s platform follows the most stringent security protocols and is compliant with the ISO-27001 standard for information security. We take data security very seriously, and have strict standards approved by our customers like JPMorgan Chase, Quicken Loans, Fidelity, Barclays, Lloyds, USAA and Allianz.

Graphic & Audio Features

Live Action, Animation and Anything Inbetween

Working with Idomoo’s Personalized Video platform unleashes your creativity. Your creative choices will always be just that – YOUR choices. Unlike other solutions in the market, your creative choices will not be constrained by your video generation platform. Your videos can include live-action, cartoon-style 2D animation, or even 3D animations – for both dynamic and non-dynamic elements. The only limits are set by your imagination. Often customers switch to Idomoo when they realize their creative freedom is hampered by platform limitations.

Industry-Standard Authoring

Seamlessly integrate into existing creative workflows by using our Scene Builder plug-in for Adobe After Effects – the industry-standard animation and visual effects application. Turn your legacy video into a dynamic, data-driven masterpiece without the need to master new tools!

Automated Trimming

Our platform enables you to adjust the length of a scene by the length of specific audio or video section. This is especially important for multilingual campaigns, where audio durations may differ substantially.

3D Animation

High quality, cinematic animation tends to be 3D, and all live footage is 3D. The ability to manoeuvre and manipulate dynamic elements in a 3D environment is therefore a critical feature in delivering high quality,  Native Personalized Video. Motion graphic artists will appreciate the creative possibilities our 3D support opens up for them, and so will your customers!

Support for Adobe After Effects Features

Add some glow, use a drop shadow. You don’t want your personalized layers to seem artificial or “tacked on” by looking too different than the rest of your video artwork. They deserve cinematic quality treatment as well. Our support for Adobe After Effects features is always expanding, and already includes Layer Styles (add glow, drop shadow, and outlines), Gaussian Blur (blur a layer, animated or not), Corner Pin (distort a layer in perspective to match difficult live action scenes) and others…

Motion Blur

Achieving cinematic quality requires a long series of functionalities. Motion blur is one of those elements that goes a long way towards ensuring your dynamic elements appear native and fully integrated into the video. Without motion blur, dynamic elements stand out and feel out of place. But with our simple motion blur solution, you can truly unleash your creativity!

Rich Text

Want to change your font/color/size/text formatting? No problem, and you don’t even have to go back to After Effects to do it! Need to have that number in bold? Can do! (all in the same layer and without limiting your design). Our competitors make you go back to AE to change fonts, and can only hold one style of text per layer, greatly limiting your layout choices. Rich Text support ensures consistency and provides flexibility, all in an easy-to-use solution.

Animated Dynamic Text

Animate each word and even character of dynamic text individually to create exciting visuals and bring your copy to life. Text can be boring and monotonous – that’s why you’re using video, after all. Adding text animations and effects brings the text portion of your video to life and ensures your customers are paying attention to what’s important. Our Animated Dynamic Text capabilities are powered by our comprehensive text engine that is fully integrated into our platform.

Any Video Format & Size

Create projects in any resolution and aspect ratio. Widescreen, square, vertical and everything in between. Automatically crop your output to another format to create multiple sizes… all from a single project!

We support any resolution up to 1920 x 1920 at any frame rate up to 30. Any aspect ratio supported.

Any Quality

Need pristine video quality and don’t mind the file size? We can deliver. Need a smaller file size with image fidelity that still looks great – we can deliver that too.

Our MP4s can be large and pristine or small and lower quality – whatever your need. Our GIFs can be made in any color depth, fps and dithering you choose. Whatever your desired balance between file size and fidelity – we can deliver.

Broad Media Support

Output industry-standard MP4, HLS, as well as JPG thumbnails and animated GIFs. One API call can deliver many different outputs from a single video.

While MP4 gives you an easy to distribute format, HLS provides you the best solution for real-time streaming. Or maybe try out our Personalized GIFs or Personalized Infographic outputs. Whatever your choice – our platform delivers.

Animated Personalized GIFs

While we pride ourselves on the cinematic quality our platform can support, the reality is that you don’t always need to create an Oscar-worthy flick when communicating with your customers. In fact, in some cases a personalized GIF may be sufficient, or even better, than a movie. Why better? Because unlike a video, a GIF can be played right in the email (if that’s how it’s distributed), without the need for a dedicated landing page. So if the creative limitations inherent in a GIF aren’t a concern, you may want to go ahead and try our Personalized GIF solutions. They’re great for marking special occasions, promotions or other simple implementations.

Add Watermark

Add overlays on any output for play buttons, company logo, or watermarks. Protect your IP in a simple and integrated way.

Dynamic Audio

Starting a Personalized Video off with the viewer’s name can provide a magical “wow moment” for your customers. But that’s only the beginning, as all audio elements can become dynamic: dates, amounts, places – anything. And if you want even more flexibility, check out our TTS solution below.

Automated Audio Leveling

Introducing our automated audio engineer. She’ll lower the music volume when narration begins and increase it back up when narration ends.

TTS Narration

Have a human narrator record all your audio snippets, or use text-to-speech technology to support endless variations. Or, if you prefer, mix and match the two.

Distribution Features

Landing Page Builder

Easily create a landing page where your videos can be viewed. Include Call To Action buttons to drive measurable results. Change designs or copy, add social sharing buttons, choose your own fonts and even add your Terms & Conditions if you want. Alternatively, you can use your own landing page provider and seamlessly integrate with Idomoo’s platform.

Idomoo Player

The Idomoo video player was developed especially – and continues to be optimized — to give our customers the best possible Personalized Video experience. Designed for quick implementation, it offers flexible customization and is fully integrated with our analytics dashboard, so you can measure and optimize your campaigns.


Analytics Dashboard

View your campaign funnel in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Measure performance and optimize your campaign. Discover which part of the video is the strongest or weakest point, and which devices or locations were used to view it.

Raw Analytic Data

Want to access the full raw data relating to your Personalized Video campaign, so that you can feed it into your own analytics systems or spreadsheets and dig even deeper into your results? No problem – easily download all relevant data. After all, it’s your data.

Data-Driven Tagging

Add tags to your videos directly in Idomo’s Storybuilder. What do we mean by ‘tags’? For example: if the amount spent is greater than $400, tag the user as a Heavy Spender. You can then filter your analytics data, and observe how your customer segments react differently to the message. Gain insights into their behavior and take action.

Why Idomoo?

Personalized Video is proven to deliver results and wow customers.

And now, its easier than ever before!

Native Personalized Video at Scale

Only Idomoo delivers true Native Personalized Video at scale, in which dynamic elements receive the same treatment as non-dynamic elements, resulting in fully immersive content in cinematic quality in real time and at unlimited scale. No more overlays or workarounds, ever!

No Headaches

Launch Personalized Video campaigns in days, not months. Easily change your campaigns on the fly. Track results using rich real time analytics. Let our PVaaS™ platform do the heavy lifting and have more time to focus on your customers.

Fully Open Platform

Truly open access to self-serve platform, access all PVaaS™ capabilities via 3rd party APIs and use our 3rd party integrations to make launching campaigns a breeze.

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