We believe that one size doesn't fit all.

We believe in making digital communication personal.

End-To-End Technology

Idomoo Personalized Video Cloud provides an end-to-end technology for scalable, secure and seamless mass video production that automatically customizes video content in real-time as a LivePV format.

Highest ROI

Designed to address relevancy and communicate compelling visual content – our technology drives exceptional results: 15x higher ROI than any other digital marketing communication channel

Worldwide Adoption

Leaders in telecommunication, utility, banking, insurance and other industries benefit daily from the value of Idomoo personalized videos, designed for your marketing, customer success and brand loyalty program needs.

The Idomoo Personalized Video Cloud Platform transforms the way businesses of all sizes interact with their customers through four innovative solutions

Premium Service

Our Premium Service offers you Personalized Video solutions at each step of your sales cycle. With experience in delivering hundreds of successful projects to leading industry brands worldwide, our professional services will guide you on the best practice for your brand. Learn More >>

Storybuilding Suite

Idomoo Storybuilding Suite revolutionizes the way brands communicate and engage with each of their clients. It empowers every customer-facing team to create a unique customer experience and deliver standout customer communication. The Suite takes all of the production steps of the personalized video process – from ideation to animation, creative, design, production and distribution – and arranges them into an easy to use system that automates and streamlines the Personalized Video production process. Learn More >>

Personalized Video Templates

Leverage our best in class best practices, boost your customer communication and business results with our ready-made Personalized Video Template. We packaged the most commonly used cases of the typical customer journey into a Personalized Video Template. Our templates provide easy message customization, branding, customer data upload and much more. Learn More >>

Dynamic Video Ads

Idomoo technology allows for end-to-end automation of creative, rendering, and distribution processes for video ads. Our technology allows for automatic massive video production videos within seconds. Video advertising, targeting and re-targeting are made easy on a large-scale. We match video analytics with big data technology, utilizing valuable online data for the mass customization of video content. Learn More >>

Delivering unparalleled customer experience

“Idomoo’s platform has enabled our agency to provide our clients with the ability to communicate with their customers and user base in a manner which allows them to foster a deeper personal and emotional connection,” said Russell Garn, Associate Creative Director of RAPP (an Omnicom company). “Our agency worked with Idomoo to create the award winning campaign for Barclays and we look forward to leveraging Idomoo’s technology in order to build future campaigns.”