Switching providers is easier than ever thanks to increased competition and increasing regulatory pressure. So how do you grow loyalty and reduce churn? The answer won’t surprise you — with exceptional customer experiences.

But that’s no easy feat. Today’s consumer expects to be treated as an individual, not a number, even when all communications are digital. And this means your communication channels have to be data-driven, personalized and human. Or in other words, you should add Personalized Video to your arsenal.

Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform puts your data to work with 1:1 Personalized Videos for each and every customer. Wow your customers and exceed your business goals, whether you’re looking to drive a 3x uplift in sales or a 30% reduction in call volume to your service center.

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  • 37%

    churn reduction

  • 3x

    sales uplift

  • 30%

    call deflection

  • +16

    NPS points

Drive Sales

Looking to grow revenue? That’s where our Next Generation Video Platform shines with hyper-targeted, actionable offers.

  • Customer acquisition: Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook and Instagram beat out traditional video ads with a 5x uplift in CTR.
  • Cross-selling and upselling: Use what you know about your customers to send them offers they care about in a format they’ll find entertaining.
  • Device upgrade: Help your customers visualize their next device. With our in-player menu, viewers can even customize and purchase their new phone, straight from the video.

Enhance Customer Service

Let Personalized Video take the load off your customer service team — while keeping your customers happy.

  • Billing: Bills are boring, but data-driven video easily explains high bills or proactively suggests bill rightsizing to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Onboarding: The onboarding process should be transparent and welcoming. Make concepts like pro-rata billing easy-to-understand and even fun in a personal, visual way.
  • Self-service: Add data-driven video into your customer care toolset so your customers can get the answers they need without having to pick up the phone.

Drive Retention

Reduce churn and improve customer lifetime value. In today’s crowded digital landscape, Personalized Video breaks the mold with an emotional connection that inspires brand loyalty.

  • Renewal: Renewals are a prime opportunity to engage with your customers. Offer a new deal, explain payment changes or remind them how great your time together has been so far.
  • Special occasions: Don’t miss your customer’s birthday or anniversary. A Personalized Video or a quick Personalized GIF makes it easy to surprise them on their special day.

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