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Wow customers with their very own video. Personalized Video gives every viewer a one-of-a-kind experience. And it’s simple and scalable to millions of real-time videos with our Next Generation Video Platform.

What Is Personalized Video?

Personalized Video combines video and data to deliver a better, more effective customer experience. Each video is unique to the individual, changing based on customer or contextual data.

With Idomoo, Personalized Videos can be interactive and even customizable, updating with data shared by the customer in real time.

Benefits of Personalized Video

Drive Sales

Personalized Video is always relevant. Leverage customer data for targeted cross-selling and upselling. Interactive CTAs further drive conversions.

Grow Loyalty

Welcome customers with an onboarding video that explains their benefits and next steps. Then keep in touch personally, from renewals to anniversaries.

Improve Self-Serve

Data-driven videos explain complex info at a glance. Answer common questions proactively or let customers self-serve on demand.

Maximize ROI

Optimize your marketing personalization strategy with video. It captures attention while keeping the personal approach modern customers expect.

Boost Engagement

Put your customers in the story to grab their attention. You can even let them customize their video in real time, perfect for sharing on social media.

Cut Call Volume

Offload support calls to a digital solution with a human touch. Personalized Videos speak directly to the viewer to solve customer service problems stress-free.

Personalized Video Results

Personalized Video works at each stage of the customer journey and across industries.
Take a look at some of our clients’ results.

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The Idomoo Difference

at Scale

Create millions of cinematic quality Personalized Videos in 100x real time. Dynamic text, audio, images, video-in-video and more blend seamlessly with each scene.

of Use

Launch campaigns in days, not months. We can handle the details, or use our intuitive platform with automation tools, integrations and APIs to streamline work.


Living Videos auto-update in real time based on live data and user actions. Let customers choose the flow of the video, click to convert or even create their own video.


Your data is anonymized and protected. We’re ISO-27001 information security certified and battle-tested by global leaders in finance and healthcare.


Whatever you need, we can do it. From self-serve to white-glove treatment. Plug-and-go templates or bespoke productions. Batch uploading or real-time data. And more.

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How Personalized Video Works

Video personalization is lot more than dropping your customer’s name intro the first scene – though that can make a big impact on its own. It’s about creating a unique story for each individual. With our platform, this process is automated and scalable so every scene is relevant to the viewer.

Customers don’t get just any video. They get their video.

Client Campaigns

Player Engagement
Upsell & Cross-Sell
Call of Duty (Activision)
Customer Acquisition
Orangetheory Fitness
Year in Review
Mr. Cooper
Purchase Value
B2B2C Communications
Upsell & Cross-Sell
BT Consumer
Upsell & Cross-Sell
Year in Review
University of South Dakota
JPMorgan Chase
Business Account Onboarding
Personalized Proposal
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Personalized Video FAQs

Do my customers want Personalized Video?

Yes, although they may not know to ask for it. We conducted a market study asking consumers what they wanted from brands. They expect a personalized experience, and 62% wanted more video. Once they watched a Personalized Video, they shared that it made them feel valued and 4x more likely to recommend the brand. Download the study to learn more.

How long does it take to launch a Personalized Video campaign?

We’ve launched global campaigns with millions of videos in a matter of days. Our platform’s built-in automation tools speed the process, and you can even take advantage of customizable templates so video creation is simple.

Don’t have lots of CRM data? Don’t worry. Starting small with your customer’s first name already creates a wow effect and can immediately start boosting conversion rates. Try it yourself.

How well does Idomoo Personalized Video scale?

Unlike other video personalization providers that are just meant for low-relevance email marketing or over-generalized explainer videos, Idomoo can scale to tens of millions of Personalized Videos, even when rendered in cinematic quality and real time. We’re the only solution that can do this, thanks to our powerful GPU-based rendering engine.

Can I reuse existing video assets?

Yes. In our platform, you can add personalization to any video content, even assets you may have already from previous projects. Personalization immediately upgrades old video creative to make it timely and relevant.

Do I have to produce my own video?

No, we have many templates you can leverage for some of the most common use cases. Add your branding and customer data, and you’re ready to go.

What are popular use cases for Personalized Video?

Personalized Video is relevant at every step of the customer journey. Here are some of the most common use cases:


  • Onboarding: Show customers program benefits, help them set up their online account and start the relationship off the right way — personally.
  • Reducing churn: Reach out when customers are most likely to churn, such as right before a renewal or an unexpected charge or change in services.
  • Customer service: Answer common questions in a video. You can even let customers self-serve by making it interactive.
  • Bill explainers: Show customers what’s covered in their first bill and make complicated concepts like pro rata billing clear. We’ve seen personalized bill explainers slash call volume nearly 75%.
  • Loyalty: Take customer loyalty to the next level with a Personalized Video celebrating your customer’s anniversary, latest rewards and more.
  • Sales: Leverage customer data to show only the most relevant offerings. Personalized Video makes cross-selling and upselling easy and engaging.
  • Customer engagement: From personalized announcements to customer education, data-driven video boosts engagement 10x and more.
  • Year in review: Recap the past year, month or decade, showing customers how you’ve helped them each step of the way. Personalized showreels are also perfect for social sharing.

Where can these videos be viewed?

Your videos can be viewed everywhere — any channel and every device. Customer videos are sent via email, in app, SMS, MMS and more, and people view them on everything from their smartphone to their smart TV.

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