How Top Gambling Brands Wow Players With Personalized Video

How Top Gambling Brands Wow Players With Personalized Video

Enabled by digitalization, the online entertainment, gaming and gambling industry has grown to new heights. The internet has increased accessibility to consumers, and more brands are joining the party, but that also means the market is more competitive than ever.

Today, gambling companies who hope to attract — and, more importantly, retain — their players must get creative with their marketing and communication strategies. In their search for a way to effectively connect and engage with customers, top brands have turned to a powerful tool: Personalized Video.

What Is Personalized Video?

When you come across a video online, there’s a good chance that it is static content. Whether it’s a YouTube upload or an Instagram Reel, you can usually tell right off the bat that the video was made for a wider audience, not just you.

Personalized Video, on the other hand, is made to be unique for each viewer. It includes details that would only be relevant for a specific individual, such as their name, their birthday or the date they became a customer. It could also include the highlights of their past activity, just like how Bingo Blitz sent out Personalized Videos that celebrated each player’s gaming stats.

When you receive a Personalized Video, you know that it was created for you, and not anyone else. That distinction is what makes the format so attention-grabbing and engaging, and it’s why top gambling brands have tapped into Personalized Video to communicate with their players in a new dynamic way.

Quick To Launch at Scale

While the prospect of creating Personalized Videos for every single one of your customers may seem unfeasible, modern technology has made it easier than ever.

Video platforms with intuitive interfaces and automation tools allow for campaigns to be planned, produced, rendered and distributed in just a few days or weeks. Epic Games, for instance, was able to launch a 13-language global Personalized Video campaign for Fortnite Season Pass owners in just 2 weeks, with the help of Idomoo’s video platform.


The best way to personalize your marketing to Gen Z

Scale isn’t an issue either. A powerful rendering engine means cinematic quality videos can be generated in real time, even for millions of players around the world. Right when they click “play,” a Personalized Video can be generated for viewers to watch — all in real time.

How Gambling Brands Can Use Personalized Video

With the technology to back them up, various gambling brands have incorporated Personalized Video into their marketing strategies. From online casinos to sports betting platforms, these brands are upgrading communications with their players in order to boost engagement, drive conversions, and inspire loyalty.

Here’s how you can use Personalized Video to do the same.

1. Reengage With Lapsed Players

Personalized Video is great for reigniting a love of the game. Remind players of their great experiences with your brand, from their first game to their favorite game, by sending a personalized message filled with familiar visuals.

Here’s a simple but effective example by Kindred Group’s Unibet, which is just one of several data-driven video campaigns that received enthusiastic responses from their players.

By leveraging customer data to deliver hyper-personalized messages to their players, Kindred was repeatedly successful in connecting with their users, resulting in boosted engagement and conversions.

A series of videos that commemorated membership anniversaries saw 81% of visitors clicking the CTA and 65% of players making a deposit. Similarly, a horse-racing campaign that included each user’s betting success resulted in 62% of players placing at least one bet during the Goodwood Festival and 96% of recipients making at least one deposit.

And Kindred is far from the only company that has benefited from using Personalized Video. Zynga was able to bring disengaged players back to the Words With Friends game and boost adoption of their new Achievements feature with their own campaign.

The #WhatsYourWordStyle Personalized Videos, which presented players with their word style based on past gameplay, were a huge hit. Users flocked to the game to adopt the new feature and happily shared their videos all over social media.

Try this: Create a unique hashtag to encourage people to share and trend your campaign online.

Overall, sending Personalized Videos to current customers has proved to be an effective customer retention tactic. From our work with top brands, we’ve seen:

  • 17x more lapsed players returning to the game
  • 169% higher average play hours from previously inactive players

2. Send A Personalized Offer

Video personalization can also have a direct effect on a company’s sales efforts. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations. On top of that, gaming campaigns that we’ve supported have led to tangible results, including:

  • 50% increase in average sales volume
  • 68% increase in average total sales

Consider adding a personalized offer to a video message. Leverage customer insights in order to craft an offer that’s relevant and appealing to that particular player. Like how Foxy Bingo does in the video below, you can even “cross-sell” to your fans by presenting an exclusive offer or reward for a related game.

Because the offer is in video format, the viewer is likely to remember most (about 95%, according to research) of the message. If you want to further drive conversions, make the video interactive. Include clickable elements that make it easy for viewers to claim the offer, place a bet or make a deposit.

Tip: Consider distributing Personalized Videos through various different digital channels, such as email, in-app, web, SMS, MMS and more.

3. Celebrate Their Wins

Personalized recap campaigns have become a popular way to engage with players and remind them of the journey they’ve had with a brand. From year-in-review videos to anniversary spotlights, surprise and delight your players with a Personalized Video that highlights all their best moments and biggest wins.

A personalized highlight reel is essentially a “made-just-for-you” gift, one that is often met with appreciation and loyalty for the brand. Plus, presenting them their top stats is a great way to get users excited about the next play or game. Wouldn’t this video from online casino Ladbrokes get you hyped up for the upcoming season?

One of the best things about these personalized recap videos is how shareable they are. With the popularity of social media, people love sharing content about themselves online, and even more so if it comes in the form of a video. So, by sharing a video that highlighted their winnings from esports, for example, a user could boost brand exposure and reel in more players.

With shareability in mind, gambling brands could also incorporate user-generated content into the video. Turn players into brand ambassadors by letting them take the reins. Have them select the stats they want to be included, like CCP Games did for EVE Online players, and create a Personalized Video that they can’t wait to share and boast about on social.

Bonus idea: Sometimes, a Personalized GIF can make just as big of an impact as a video. Create “brag badges” with a player’s biggest wins that they can easily share on social or send to friends!

Time To Get in on the Action

From online casinos to mobile games, gambling companies worldwide are catching on to the value of Personalized Video. In combining key user insights with the entertaining medium of video, these brands are delivering personalized experiences that lead to engaged players and a better bottom line.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you need to create videos for 500 or 5 million of your players, Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform has the tools to launch your campaign quickly and effortlessly.

Learn more about how Personalized Video can work for your brand by scheduling a call.

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