Kindred Boosts Conversions With Personalised Video for Players

Kindred Boosts Conversions With Personalized Video for Players

Kindred Group, one of the world’s leading online gambling operators, has seen increased engagement and conversions following its data-driven video campaigns.

Kindred was looking for a way to engage and re-engage players by celebrating their memories, milestones and big wins. Enter Idomoo. Kindred leveraged Idomoo’s Personalised Video platform to launch a series of videos customized for individual players — 1:1 content delivered at scale.

The response from players was enthusiastic. The video shown above, commemorating a user’s membership anniversary, saw 81% of visitors clicking the CTA and 65% of players making a deposit.

Conversions From Personalized Video

Similarly, a horse-racing video celebrating a user’s betting success saw 62% of players placing at least one bet during the Goodwood Festival and 96% of recipients making at least one deposit during the festival.

“We have worked successfully with Idomoo for a number of years, deploying Personalised Video campaigns across our different brands Europe-wide,” said Vita Ahmad, Senior CRM Manager at Kindred. “For us, one of the greatest USPs of the Idomoo platform has been to deliver hyper personalised customer comms at scale. We have been able to communicate to all our audience segments, offering tailored offers and cool user insights, which have driven impactful business results and value.”

“We’re proud to have partnered with Kindred to create a personalised experience for players that helps them celebrate their achievements,” said Mike Pidgeon, Sales and Account Manager at Idomoo. “We’re thrilled Kindred has seen greater engagement and conversions from their customer base by leveraging Idomoo Personalised Video, and we look forward to working together in the future.”

For more campaigns with global brands such as Ubisoft, Epic Games, EA and more, check out our Personalised Videos for gaming.

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