What Is Customized Video? A Guide for Businesses

Imagine receiving a video from a brand that speaks directly to you rather than a generic audience. Seamlessly incorporating your name, preferences and even past interactions, it’s a message that’s not just relevant and engaging but interactive and customizable.

That’s all possible with customized video, which combines video and data to create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience for every customer, at scale. It’s the ultimate CX solution — a must-have tool that can help businesses stand out and make a personal connection with their customers.

But how does it all work? And what can it be used for? This guide will paint a clear picture of what customized video is, why it’s an effective tool for marketers and how you can leverage it to elevate your marketing campaigns. Let’s get started.

Customized Video, Explained

Put simply, customized video is a dynamic video that’s tailored to individual viewers. Think of it as the opposite of a traditional static video, which delivers a one-size-fits-all message to a broad target audience.

Customized video uses data — such as demographics, customer activity or transaction history — to create personalized experiences for each viewer. Where the data comes from and when it’s incorporated into the video creation process depends on your preferred approach.

For instance, businesses can use existing customer data to create customized video before presenting them to the customer. By tapping into data sources like CRM systems, social media or website interactions, they can create unique videos that are tailored to each viewer.

This goes beyond just plugging in the viewer’s name. Text, audio, images, scenes — all of these elements can be customized for a specific person. And rather than it being a painstakingly long process of handpicking each detail, with the right platform, the process is automated and scalable.

Now let’s see it in action with a video example. Custom-made for “Felicia,” this bill explainer features only the most relevant information about their monthly statement, including the total due, auto pay date, service period and charges.

With so many customized elements in the video, you can easily see how each scene can be tailored to a specific viewer’s situation. Rather than just getting a generic guide, the customer receives an explainer video that breaks down their bill, reducing confusion and increasing customer satisfaction.

Pro tip: Clickable call-to-action buttons, like the ones in the above video, are a must-have for driving engagement and conversions.

Empowering User-Generated Content

Besides customizing the video themselves, businesses can also opt to put the power into the hands of their audience. Interactive functions can be added to allow viewers to customize their videos themselves. This means they get to actively participate in shaping the content and make choices that impact the narrative or outcome of the video.

Real-time customization opens up a world of possibilities. Consider a quote calculator where viewers can input their information and receive personalized pricing or terms, all in the form of an exclusive video.

The mortgage calculator below is a great example. By inputting their first name, home value, loan amount, credit score and loan term, viewers can generate a dynamic video detailing the terms available for refinancing. Try it for yourself in the video below by clicking the lightning bolt icon in the player.

This customizable approach not only provides tailored information but also encourages users to take action. Brands looking to improve user engagement and conversion rates can add a similar customizable video tool on their website or landing page, offering visitors an immersive and informative experience.

Another potential use case for user customization is with recap videos. Whether it’s a year-in-review campaign or a monthly highlight reel, these videos showcase all the benefits, memories, milestones and more that your customer has enjoyed with your brand.

Take this video by Activision for its Call of Duty players. Highlighting brag-worthy stats like number of kills, assists and hours played, the recap not only sparks excitement for the game but is also something players would want to share with friends online, improving customer loyalty and brand reach.

Now imagine a recap video where viewers have a say in what stats are included. With customization options, they can select what to include, edit text or even upload their own media, all from within the player. With each input, the video dynamically adjusts, creating a personalized narrative that reflects the viewer’s unique customer journey.

By inviting users to actively participate in the content creation process, Customized video not only enhances customer engagement but also inspires a sense of ownership and investment in the brand that paves the way for advocacy and promotion.


Discover how Ubisoft drove retention with custom recaps for nearly 5 million players

Whether it’s through content tailored by the brand or Interactive Videos co-created with the viewer, customization offers an innovative way for businesses to engage, delight and drive results.

How Customized Video Drives Results

The world is filled with ineffective marketing messages. According to a recent survey, 70% of U.S. consumers say they receive mistargeted ads at least once a month, with 24% saying they receive them daily.

Tired of irrelevant marketing, it’s no wonder that consumers value customization so much. A majority of consumers (67%) believe it’s “important, very important or extremely important” for brands to tailor messaging to their needs — even before they purchase from the brand for the first time.

A majority of consumers (67%) believe it’s important for brands to tailor messaging to their needs — even before they purchase from the brand for the first time.

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Against this landscape, customized video stands out. Its use of personal details enhances satisfaction by ensuring a relevant customer experience. It also inspires brand loyalty by demonstrating that the brand values its customers individually. And when customers feel understood and valued, they’re more likely to engage and remain loyal over time.

The numbers back this up. According to a whopping 95% of surveyed marketers worldwide, personalized marketing strategies have proven successful, with top benefits being improved customer experience, increased customer retention and increased revenue.

Here at Idomoo, our own clients have seen real results from customizing their communications. These include:

  • 10x higher engagement
  • 9x conversion uplift
  • 3x sales uplift
  • +27 NPS points

Whether it’s guiding new customers with an onboarding video or persuading potential customers to take action with a sales video, brands can significantly enhance their marketing efforts with customization. By delivering video content that speaks directly to the viewer, Customized Viideos catches and keeps their attention, ultimately boosting engagement, click-through rates and conversion rates.

Maximize Your Impact With Customization

Customized video resonates on a personal level, delivering tailored content that captivates audiences and fosters meaningful connections. But to start, you need a reliable video platform to bring your vision to life.

That’s where Idomoo comes in. Our Next Generation Video Platform empowers you to create high-quality, Customized video experiences that resonate with your audience, driving customer engagement and conversions like never before.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Reach out to get started with us today.

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