Meet Lucas: The World’s First AI Video Creator

As artificial intelligence tools flood the internet, more than a few have cropped up to help with the video production process. They cover everything from AI audio denoiser to talking AI avatars.

But there’s only one service that makes a complete video in seconds based on nothing more than a simple text prompt. Say hello to , the world’s first end-to-end AI video creator.

Lucas is the easiest and fastest way to generate AI videos, no skills required. In a matter of moments — less time than it takes you to make a piece of toast — you have a finished professional video ready to share with the world.

Here are the steps to make your video:

  1. Sign up or log in to Lucas. (It’s free.)
  2. Enter a text prompt into the chat interface. Example: “places to visit in NYC”
  3. Lucas will generate multiple videos right away. Choose your favorite.
  4. If desired, modify your video, either by asking Lucas to make changes or using the intuitive built-in video editor.
  5. Save your video to remove media watermarks.
  6. Copy the link or download the video for sharing.

We soft-launched Lucas 4 months ago, and he’s already getting pretty good at his job. He works with tens of thousands of users and has an average star rating of 4.2 out of 5. But he’s a high achiever and working on getting it up to 5 out of 5.

What Makes Lucas Unique?

So how is Lucas different from other AI video tools? There are 5 things that make Lucas stand out when it comes to other text-to-video tools.

1. Radical Simplicity

No other AI video tool on the market today creates a complete video as quickly and easily as Lucas. Some, like Meta’s Make-A-Video, create gimmicky GIF-like clips, an interesting proof of concept but not really usable in real-world scenarios. (When are you going to use that AI-generated clip of a Superdog flying through the clouds?) Others, like Runway, require much more advanced video editing skills from their users.

With Lucas, if you can type, you can make a video. And that video comes with all the relevant production assets, such as:

  • Script
  • Voiceover
  • Stock footage
  • Interactive CTA

Editing your video is just as easy. Simply ask Lucas to make changes for you. But remember — he’s still learning. If he doesn’t deliver and you want to override his directorial decisions, the power is in your hands. You can manually control the script, replace media assets or even upload your own narration.

Think of Lucas as your own personal movie producer. He’s an autonomous AI agent, trained in the art of producing engaging videos. He connects with other tech tools, from AI imagery to text-to-speech (he even has a plugin with ChatGPT) so you don’t have to worry about the details. Just say what you want and get the finished product delivered.

Here’s an example video created from a prompt about the best places to visit in NYC. Give it a watch and see what you think!

Real-Time Rendering

AI video tools are all about convenience, and part of that means saving you time. How long do you want to wait for your AI video? Seconds? You got it. Lucas is all about speed.

Thanks to our industry-leading rendering engine, Lucas is able to generate videos in up to 100x real time. Our patented technology allows him to create 4 videos for you to choose from, all in different styles, in under a minute.

AI video creator Lucas can generate multiple videos in a matter of seconds for millions of users, all in real time.

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And he handles edits just as speedily. Time is key in the video editing stage so you can iterate quickly. Waiting several minutes (or hours) for each edit to render isn’t an option, so Lucas does it fast.

This is the same rendering engine that powers campaigns for major brands like Ubisoft and Google, so scale is no issue. It also helps us keep rendering costs low so Lucas has more production budget to play with to ensure that the quality of his videos keeps improving over time.

In short, Lucas can create multiple videos, finished and edited in seconds for millions of users at the same time. No infinite loading bar here, just the video you need when you need it — now.

Video, Not Code

Here’s another differentiator that may not be as obvious. Not every tool on the internet that says it makes a video makes an actual video — an MP4, MOV or other movie file. Lucas creates real videos.

We wrote a whole blog post explaining how video is different from “video” produced from code (think HTML and CSS or JSON as with Lottie). Benefits of using video include higher quality and creative flexibility, easy social sharing, enhanced security and the ability for anyone to work with it, enabling self-serve capabilities for brands and agencies.


See what consumers think of AI video and other advanced tech

If you’re working with another AI video tool, make sure it’s creating actual video files for you. A good test is whether you can download your file for offline viewing.

Personalization and Customization

We believe in personalization, especially Personalized Video. So Lucas lets you personalize your video to your heart’s content.

  • Edit your script, voiceover artist, color palette, tone and more.
  • Upload your own voiceover.
  • Swap out the media used.
  • Include personalized interactive CTAs.
  • Upload brand guidelines to ensure videos are on brand.

Personalization and Customization
There are unlimited combinations of style, colors and designs. These aren’t just video scenes stitched together with simple text overlays or synthetic avatars. It’s a one-of-a-kind video that’s endlessly customizable.

As one YouTuber explains it, “these options give you complete control over the creative direction of your video.” Watch his tutorial below so you too can dive into “the exciting world of Lucas AI video creator, an incredible text-to-video AI generator that will take your storytelling to the next level.”

That’s the magic of AI video — the flexibility and convenience to create exactly what you want quickly. And that’s what Lucas does.

As for true Personalized Video via AI, there’s more to come. Sign up with Lucas, and we’ll keep you posted on the exciting news to come.

Types of Video Lucas Can Create

SMBs, content creators and hobbyists of all kinds are all working with Lucas every day to create shareable AI content to meet their video needs. That includes everything from travel montages to internship invitations about antimicrobial chemotherapy.

There are so many use cases Lucas can help with. Here are the most common kinds of AI-generated videos that users create along with an example prompt you could give Lucas.

  • Explainer videos: “Make a video that explains why the universe is always expanding.”
  • Special event invitations: “Create an invite for my daughter’s party, Audrey, who’s turning 7. It’s at 2 p.m. July 29 at her house: 46 Oak St., Aberdeen, Ohio.”
  • Personal greetings: “Tell my dad, Ward Cleaver, happy Father’s Day and that I got this video for him instead of another tie.”
  • Social media ads: “My cupcake shop, Cuppa Cakes, is having a 20% off back-to-school sale. Make a social media ad to promote it.”

Here’s an example from a fan on TikTok who worked with Lucas to create a short video ad.

@techfren Lucas ai video creator can make you a video quickly and listen to your feedback. I used it to make a quick ad for my SaaS and I was impressed by the result. #smallbusiness #advertising #marketing #videocreator #videoedit ♬ original sound – techfren

He calls Lucas “impressive.” We’re so proud! We remember when Lucas was just a young AI…

Of course, these video categories are only the beginning. If you can dream it, ask Lucas to do it. Worst case, he’ll tell you he can’t. Hollywood creatives are known to be a bit moody, after all.

Why Use AI Video?

There are a few reasons you might want to use a powerful AI video creator like Lucas. The first one we mentioned briefly above, but it bears repeating here.

Save Time Making Videos

The best AI video generators help you make videos faster. They automate the simpler parts of the video creation process, allowing you to focus on the higher level aspects — like deciding what your video should be about. This optimized workflow saves time and effort, helping you produce videos efficiently without compromising on quality.

AI technology also speeds up the editing process, a critical part of post-production. With a beginner-friendly video editing experience, users can make changes to their video instantly, finishing it that much quicker.

For example, this video took just a few minutes to make with Lucas, including editing the voiceover, changing the color palette and choosing different media.

Elevate Video Quality

AI technology is still in its infancy (if you consider how long it will likely live), so there’s a lot of room for growth. A skilled video editor with 20 years of experience will most certainly create a better video than an AI can out of the box.

However, like most AI tools, it’s all about how you use them. AI video services run the gamut and can handle a range of tasks. For example, some generative AI models can upscale low-resolution footage, improve color grading, and reduce noise for a visually stunning video. A tool like Lucas improves quality by giving video creators a professional video to start from that they can easily modify with our intuitive editor.

Learn how to work with AI video makers to create high-quality videos efficiently and effectively.

Boost Engagement

Having video in your digital content strategy is essential if you want to drive engagement. It’s the most popular form of content online, especially helpful when you’re trying to communicate complex info and get people to understand it.

Did you know? Consumers are 3.5x more likely to prefer video when a brand needs to explain something complicated, such as details of a new program they signed up for. A quick tutorial or training video makes it visual rather than a painful slog through paragraphs of text.

Engagement is also frequently correlated to output, and as we mentioned above, AI-driven tools can help you ramp up video content creation. Create shareable videos for various social channels or A/B test different video ads. When scale is no problem, there’s a lot more potential for iteration and improvement.

The right AI video creator can also increase engagement per video simply by adding interactivity. Whether it’s RSVPing for an event or subscribing to your newsletter, you probably have a next step in mind for your viewer. Make your video interactive with a clickable button to instantly boost engagement. (This is something Lucas does that you won’t find in traditional videos.)

The Future of AI Video

We expect the demand for AI video to only grow going forward. Interest has already more than tripled in the last 6 months if global search volume from Google Trends is any indication.

 “AI Video” Keyword Interest Worldwide

Data source: Google Trends

Our State of Video Technology survey showed the highest interest in AI video among younger and more affluent consumers. Among high earners, 79% say they’re interested in an AI tool that generates shareable video content based on their text input. That number rises to 80% for Gen Z. As these are the two early adopter segments when it comes to video tech, their responses suggest that this preference will become more mainstream in future.

And Lucas is ready for it. While he’s still in a research phase, he’s evolving daily as he learns from thousands of users creating videos of all kinds. Be sure to check back frequently as new features are added on an ongoing basis. You never know what Lucas will learn to do next.

One thing’s certain — as the next trend in video technology takes off, we’ll be right there at the forefront as always.

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