Manage customer interactions in a self-serve model that drives down call volume and delights customers. It’s not just possible, it happens all the time, thanks to Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform.

Case in point? Mortgage relief requests skyrocketed during the pandemic as homeowners struggled to understand their forbearance options. Several lenders used our personalized forbearance video templates to cut through the noise — and it worked. Mr. Cooper achieved an amazing 73% call deflection, all while keeping their customers happy and engaged.

It’s digital engagement, done right.

  • 73%

    call deflection

  • 2x

    ROI within 3 months

  • 25%

    uplift in end-of-term conversion

  • 22x

    higher engagement

Enhance Customer Service

Finally, customer support is 1:1 like it should be — without the burden on your call center. And with Living Video, viewers can even interact with their video, taking customer service to the next level.

  • Forbearance: Our personalized video template explains repayment options, reducing stress for your customers and your call centers. Make it your own and go live in days.
  • Escrow analysis: Escrow statements are notoriously complex. Use Personalized Video to explain the details and avoid surprises for happier, more engaged customers.

Increase Retention

Engage your customers at key moments in their journey to reduce churn and improve CX. Download our white paper to see how 6 of the world’s leading mortgage companies did just that.

  • Onboarding: A house is the biggest purchase most people will make. Personalized mortgage videos turn a stressful moment into a positive and memorable experience.
  • End of Term: Transparency is essential. Something like a rate change in an ARM can catch borrowers off guard. Proactively explain upcoming changes and options to help customers make better decisions.

Drive Sales

Share relevant offers to boost your conversion rate. With Living Video, customers can even add their own data to further customize their video.

  • Customer acquisition: Try personalized quote videos, letting viewers generate a custom quote in real time. Or reach new audiences on social media with our Dynamic Video Ads.
  • Cross-selling and upselling: A happy mortgage customer is more likely to become a retail customer. Help customers see the value in contracting additional products with a personalized mortgage marketing video that tells their story.

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