Idomoo Doubles Referrals for Raid: Shadow Legends

To celebrate the third anniversary of Raid: Shadow Legends, Plarium partnered with Idomoo to send millions of videos to players showcasing their individual top gaming moments from the past year. The campaign exceeded target KPIs, including 2x social shares and referrals.

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Gen Z Wants Video And Personalization

Email is the preferred communication channel of consumers: 52% choose it, versus a distant 17% for text and 14% for online accounts. The study also found that video is the preferred medium for brand communications, especially among Gen Z and high-income earners.

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Study Finds Consumers Expect Advanced Video Communications

If you’re talking to customers and want them to listen, say it with video. A new survey of 2,000 adults in the U.S. and U.K. examined how consumers prefer to receive communications from brands. Among the top takeaways was the desire for video, with 62% of respondents saying they want more video from brands. Gen Z and high earners wanted video even more (79% and 78% respectively) and were more likely to want those videos to be personalized, interactive and customizable.

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Global FinTech Series

Financial Brands Early Adopters of Idomoo’s Advanced Interactive Video Tech

Innovative new video technology that allows for advanced interactivity is being adopted with great success by leading financial brands, such as American Express, Mr. Cooper, Voya Financial, U.S. Bank and Guild Mortgage, among many others. Last year, 35% of Idomoo Personalized Video campaigns used interactivity. Of these, 83% were for financial brands across a variety of verticals.

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Idomoo Gaming Business Grows 3x YoY With Personalized Video Campaigns

Personalized Video technology company Idomoo saw gaming bookings triple year over year in 2021. The uplift signifies an ongoing trend — rapid growth in the gaming space for Personalized Video, already leveraged by over a dozen of the world’s top gaming companies to drive engagement and retention for a global audience of millions. Most of the campaigns were season- or year-in-review recaps. This use case is especially compelling in the world of gaming, which lends itself to data-driven content drawn from player

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Idomoo Launches Idomoo Personalized Video App for Salesforce

Idomoo today announced it has launched the Idomoo – Personalized Videos for Salesforce app on Salesforce AppExchange. The app allows Salesforce users to easily integrate Personalized Videos into their existing Salesforce workflows without needing to learn new tools, saving valuable time. Data-driven videos sent to customers and prospects drive incremental sales and improved engagement through the power of visual personalization

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