Personalized Video for Pensions & Retirement

Saving for retirement is critical, but most people put it off. How do you change that? One study shows employees who received a Personalised Video were 2x as likely to activate their pension account. Help people visualise the future — their future — so they make better decisions today.

Client Results in Pensions & Retirement

Join today’s leading pension providers who are motivating people to save for retirement
with the power of Personalized Video.

in conversions
1 x
more likely
to change contributions
1 x
higher savings
1 %
pension account
1 x

Client Testimonial

Our Personalized Video campaign was the most impressive project I've worked on — bar none. It is considered to be an exceptional example of client comms and is absolutely loved by our customers and executives alike. Better yet, working with the Idomoo team was a real pleasure, and the project was delivered in record time and without a hitch.

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How Standard Life Boosts Contributions With Data-Driven Video

It’s no secret that pensions can be complicated. And when savers fail to understand their pension, they’re unlikely to engage with it. To tackle this issue, top pension provider Standard Life is simplifying complicated topics with data-driven videos. The campaign, launched in collaboration with BT’s Division X Messaging Team and powered by Idomoo, has seen great results — specifically, viewers were 4x more likely to change their contribution than non-viewers. The Issue The pension industry is struggling to engage members. But just how serious is the issue? A look at the numbers is telling. Only 20% of savers feel confident they have enough for retirement. Unclaimed pension pots are now equal to an estimated £19.4 billion. In response, the Association of British Insurers and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association have launched a new Pension Attention campaign this fall with the support of 13 top providers. The campaign aims to

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Winning Pension Attention

Winning Pension Attention: A New Challenge for Providers

Unclaimed pension pots are now equal to roughly £19.4 billion, according to the Association of British Insurers. But people aren’t just misplacing their pension pots — they’re forgetting about them. Pension awareness is alarmingly low, and it’s become a huge threat to the financial futures of savers everywhere. Just 20% of individuals are confident they’re saving enough for retirement. To tackle this issue, providers and schemes across the U.K. are coming together and supporting the Pension Attention campaign: a cross-industry campaign led by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) to boost awareness around people’s pensions. From creating clear messages to leveraging an omnichannel approach, we’ll share how providers and schemes are winning over the pension attention of today’s savers. Clarifying Messages With Video The best way to help people pay attention to their pensions? Help them understand it. Unfortunately, pensions can be

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Clear Communication

Clear Communication in Financial Services: The New Mandate

The FCA is raising the bar for customer care in the financial services landscape. Firms must now adhere to the Consumer Duty: a package of measures that aims to improve customer outcomes with better communication. This new Consumer Duty, recently issued by the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), mandates that information must be easy for customers to see, rather than buried in paragraphs of text. Jargon must be swapped for easy-to-follow language. With clear, transparent communication, customers will be able to make more informed choices and see improved outcomes, especially critical during a time of financial uncertainty for many. It’s a big deal — a “paradigm shift” regulators are calling it. How these rules are put into practice is up to every firm. But one thing is certain: communication must be digital. Today’s customers are always online, and better communication starts with reaching customers where they are: on their phones,

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Pension Inertia? Communicate Better To Drive Engagement

Pension Inertia? Communicate Better To Drive Engagement

Retirement planning is alarmingly low worldwide. In the U.S., nearly 60% of employees do not have a retirement account. Across the pond, only 43% of U.K. employees are confident they’ll retire at the age they want. The current solution? Automatically enroll employees in a pension fund. But auto-enrollment fails to get to the root of the issue: most members forget about their plan once they’re set up. In the past year alone, 67% of UK members did not log into the account. Providers are now facing pension inertia, where members have a plan — but never make changes to it. This lack of member engagement comes with consequences. Savers are missing out on opportunities to make the most of their plan. Even worse, they’re at risk falling into a retirement savings gap. To improve engagement, pension providers need to reach today’s digital-first members with digital communications that empower them to

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Helping Mercer Engage Employees

Helping Mercer Engage Employees

Ask most people about their pensions and their eyes glaze over. It’s all too complicated, you hear them say, for somebody who isn’t a pro… And this is despite 90% of employees ranking pensions as one of their most important benefits. But pensions are complex, driving engagement levels as low as 10%. And in the pensions world, low engagement equals low contributions.

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