Personalized Video for Pensions & Retirement

Saving for retirement is critical, but most people put it off. How do you change that? One study shows employees who received a Personalised Video were 2x as likely to activate their pension account. Help people visualise the future — their future — so they make better decisions today.

Client Results in Pensions & Retirement

Join today’s leading pension providers who are motivating people to save for retirement
with the power of Personalized Video.

1 x
in conversions
1 x
more likely
to change contributions
1 %
higher savings
1 x
pension account

Client Testimonial

Our Personalized Video campaign was the most impressive project I've worked on — bar none. It is considered to be an exceptional example of client comms and is absolutely loved by our customers and executives alike. Better yet, working with the Idomoo team was a real pleasure, and the project was delivered in record time and without a hitch.

Client Campaigns

Lloyds Bank
Pension Statement
Communicating Changes
Increase Contributions
Year in Review

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