Saving for retirement is critical, but most people put it off. How do you change that? Turns out, the right message delivered the right way makes a big difference.

The behavioral power of digital design, especially video, is proven. One study shows employees who received a personalized retirement video were twice as likely to activate their pension account.

Help people visualize the future — their future — with data-driven video. Better yet, let them define their future using our revolutionary Living Video functionalities that allow for interactivity and customization by the user, right from the player. Our Next Generation Video Platform makes it possible.

  • 18x

    uplift in conversions

  • ROI

  • higher savings contributions

  • 2x

    pension account activations

Increase Contributions

Help your customers have a better tomorrow by saving more today. Don’t just talk numbers — tell them a story where they’re the main character.

  • Year in review: Give customers an overview of how their pension grew over the past year. Then show them how next year can be even better if they up their savings rate.
  • Savings calculator: Let viewers input their target retirement age to create a new video showing how much they need to save. They can even click to change their contributions right from the video.

Enhance Customer Service

Transparency is critical, but sometimes complicated details are anything but clear. Our personalized pensions and retirement video platform keeps the communication lines open without overloading your call center.

  • Communicating changes: Pension regulations and processes are always changing. Keep your customers up-to-date with Personalized Video so you both remain compliant.
  • Onboarding: Investment options and enrollment can be overwhelming. Data-driven video walks new customers through their options, making it simple and stress-free.
  • Statements: Send personalized statements your customers will want to watch. When people understand their pension, they engage more, save more and call you less.

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