Living Video revolutionizes video as we know it. It’s no longer static but evolving, updating in real time based on context and user input — meaning one video can have infinite variations.

That’s the magic of our Next Generation Video Platform.

Take a look below to explore the possibilities.

What’s Different About Living Video?

In-Player Customization

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Turn viewers into creators

With customizable user input right from the player, viewers can change anything you allow, from updating a product color to redesigning a scene. They can even input their own data, helping you gain valuable insights about your customers.

Living Data

Real-Time Greeting

Video is finally evergreen

Your Living Video knows who’s watching — their device type, location and more — and updates accordingly. Living Data includes first- and third-party data feeds, from product inventory to the weather, and the list of options is growing.


Online Shopping - Interactivity

Take engagement to the next level

Bring your videos to life with interactivity, including clickable elements, chapter markers and more. User-triggered actions enable online purchases straight from the video for a seamless customer experience that drives conversions.

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