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A Year in Review
To Wow Every Customer

Celebrate the Good Times

What Idomoo Year-in-Review Videos Do

Boost Loyalty

To maintain loyalty, you’ve got to stay in touch. A year in review easily grabs attention because it’s all about your customers’ favorite topic: themselves.

Communicate Value

Remind customers why they chose you. Recap the last quarter, season or year in a video filled with loyalty points, savings, great memories and benefits.

Grow Your Reach

Unlike an ad or another boring email, a personalized showreel is something your customers will actually want to share on social. Add a hashtag and watch it go viral.

Empower UGC

Turn customers into creators. Let them customize their video by selecting what to include, editing text or even uploading their own media, all from the player.

Year in Review Results

Take a look at some of the results from our clients’ year-in-review, midyear, monthly and other recap video campaigns.
1 x
user reactivation
1 x
increase in social sharing
1 x
1 %
increase in sales
1 x

Case Study

Orangetheory Fitness Year in Review Boosts Attendance

Attrition is common in many industries, but especially in the world of fitness where keeping customers motivated is hard. Orangetheory Fitness was able to energize and reengage members in way that was personal and compelling. Here’s how they did it.

What Customers Are Saying

We have been delivering end-of-year Personalised Videos to our players for 3 years now with Idomoo, and they have been a critical part of the success of the campaign each year, even helping us evolve it year over year.
With Idomoo, we were able to send a highly engaging Personalized Video campaign looking back at our members’ accomplishments. The Idomoo team is great to work with, always bringing fresh ideas and being flexible when needed.
The Season in Numbers campaign with Idomoo experienced exponential success, achieving over double our average open rate and nearly 10 times our average CTOR.
One of the greatest USPs of the Idomoo platform has been to deliver hyper-personalised customer comms at scale … tailored offers and cool user insights, which have driven impactful business results and value.

Year in Review Videos

Best of Festival
Year in Review
Year in Review
Financial Times
Year in Review
WW (Weight Watchers)
Year in Review
Assassin’s Creed
Year in Review
Year in Review
Gala Bingo (Entain)
Year in Review
Milestone Celebration
National Grid
Year in Review
Fortnite (Epic Games)
Season in Review
Plan International Canada
Year in Review
Orangetheory Fitness
Year in Review
Player Engagement
EVE Online (CCP Games)
Season in Review
Golf Clash (Playdemic)
Season in Review

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