5 of the Most Common Types of Personalized Videos

Consumers are used to digital experiences targeted to their interests and actions. From e-commerce websites to personalized emails, companies are tailoring their communications to the individual. And their video marketing is no exception.

Video is a powerful storytelling tool. But consumers want to watch a story about what interests them the most: themselves. To meet this need, brands can personalize their videos at scale, giving customers the individual attention they expect online.

In fact, McKinsey & Company shows that 76% of consumers actually become frustrated when a brand doesn’t offer a personalized experience. But before you launch your own Personalized Video campaign, you need to determine what kind of video you should create.

How do you decide what will work best for your business? It comes down to your own video marketing goals, but taking a look at what other brands typically choose can help you evaluate your options.

Here are 5 of the most popular types of Personalized Videos we frequently see our clients use and why brands favor them.

What Are Personalized Videos?

If you’re wondering what Personalized Video is, here’s a quick explainer.

Personalized video combines customer data with video creative to generate a unique video for every single customer.

Take a look at this GIF to see how they work.

Personalized Videos allow you to make the most out of the data you have on hand. Let’s say you have two customers — one who has $30 in their savings account and one who has $300,000. You can use this insight to create a video that’s personalized to each customer.

For your viewer with a large savings account, send a video with tips for making investments. For your other customer, a video that covers overdraft protection makes more sense.

The upshot? Both customers receive an engaging video relevant to them, increasing loyalty, conversions and other important metrics.

And that’s just one example. If you’re looking for what might work best for you, here are the 5 most popular use cases we’ve seen.

1. Onboarding Videos

It’s obvious you need to start your relationship with your customer off right. A personalized onboarding experience — in a fun-to-watch video — is the perfect way to welcome your customer.

We’ve seen data-driven onboarding videos drive stellar business results. A leading insurance company who tailored their onboarding video to customers saw a 96% increase in NPS and a 29% CTR. Take a look at this example from Guild Mortgage.

Being overloaded with new information makes the onboarding experience confusing, rather than welcoming. Even worse, miscommunication can result in missed payments and more. But a video like this makes the entire process transparent and easy to follow.

2. Personalized Customer Service Videos

One common point of friction for customer service departments? Complex topics — like escrow. A customer’s escrow can change for a variety of reasons, often leaving them confused as to why they have an overage or shortage. A data-driven video, like this one from Shellpoint, can proactively answer questions before customers become frustrated.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of the customer. You receive a notification you owe an additional $400 in regards to your escrow balance. Where is this fee coming from?

It comes down to your unique circumstances. Traditionally generic, automated answers from a company’s website are unlikely to be of any value. And waiting for a live agent can cause even more frustration.

Dynamic customer service videos have improved call deflection rates by 73%

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But a data-driven one, like this video, can quickly and easily answer this pressing question. It shows your exact tax and insurance rates from the past year — and the increased amount for this year. Now, you can clearly and quickly see the reasons behind your escrow fee.

While it’s not an exact replacement for live customer service representatives, it is a great supplement. Because it allows customers to self-serve, it takes the load off of customer service departments. In the mortgage industry we’ve seen dynamic customer service videos improve call deflection rates by 73%.

3. Custom Recap Videos

A recap of the most popular Personalized Videos wouldn’t be complete without, well, recap videos. Depending on the context of when they’re sent, the term can vary. A year in review and highlight reel are two different types of recap videos, for instance. Regardless, they’re one of the most popular use cases we see.

Why? Customers love videos because they tell an immersive, multi-sensory story. And what better story to watch than one about themselves? Video game enthusiasts especially love recaps — big wins, highlights and data-driven stats are a core part of the gaming experience.

To delight their fans, Ubisoft has launched several year-in-review video campaigns for their players. Take a look at this campaign they launched, recapping 5 years of gameplay for every viewer.

Every player’s best moments, memories and other unique highlights were presented in an immersive video full of the gameplay they know and love, delighting and surprising them. And with insight into all they had achieved, they could now share those results with their fellow teammates on social platforms.

This type of video is especially effective in achieving stellar campaign results. Ubisoft’s wrap-up campaign saw a 5x uplift in Facebook and Twitter share rates, a 270% increase in CTA click rate and a 3x uptick in video download rate.

4. Personalized Sales Videos

Can Personalized Videos help generate sales? Absolutely — it’s why cross-selling and upselling videos have also earned a spot on our list.

When presenting a customer with an additional purchase, they need incentive to take you up on your offer. How will it be of value to them? To show your cross-selling efforts are valuable — rather than a quick cash grab — putting your offer in a video made just for them can help close the deal.

In this personalized upselling video, Vodafone shows they’re not talking to another sales in their book — they’re speaking directly to the viewer. Personal touches like greeting the customer by name makes the message more authentic. What’s more, the video presents the customer with the offer they’ll likely be most interested in.

Upselling and cross-selling videos have been proven to be effective, too. One of our insurance clients saw a 40% increase in policies sold with their custom quote follow-up video.

Tip: Viewers now have the ability to interact with the video they’re watching. Use this to your advantage by letting your customer click the CTA straight from the video, making it easy for them to take the next step.

5. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the most popular Personalized Videos we see our clients use — and for good reason. Research has shown the power visuals have in helping us process information. And it’s more likely we’ll remember information we’ve seen, rather than read.

Customer data also plays a part in clearing up confusion. By tailoring an explanation to the customer’s unique circumstances, they receive the exact information they need to know.

Clear explanations are especially important in the healthcare industry. Poor patient education can have dire consequences — misusing medication, missing appointments, coming unprepared to an appointment, to name a few. What’s more, all of these topics can be confusing.

How do you ensure your patients clearly understands what they need to know without overwhelming them? With a data-driven explainer video, like this one from the NHS.

The video campaign aimed to empower diabetic patients in leading a healthier lifestyle. But because every patient’s health is personal, information that may be helpful for one viewer may not be applicable to another.

Because of this, the NHS chose to deliver a personalized explanation to every viewer. This video gave patients valuable insight into their unique health history — and the specific steps they can take to improve it.

The campaign was a huge success. Their engagement rates were reported to be around 10x higher, and patient approval ratings soared — over 86%, specifically.

Start Your Own Data-Driven Video Campaign

While these are the 5 of the most popular types of Personalized Videos, we’ve seen our customers come up with other creative ways to engage their customers on a personal level. From including a Personalized Video as a bonus to a customer’s online order to internal training videos to videos with custom soundtracks, we constantly see data-driven videos leveraged in new ways.

Today’s viewers don’t just watch their videos, either. They interact with them. They can add their own unique data to make it their own. Video is constantly evolving. Are you ready to use it to your own advantage? Speak to one of our team members to start.

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