Personalized Video for Education & Nonprofits

Whether you’re teaching tomorrow’s leaders or shaping the future through charity work, you’re changing lives everyday. But you can’t do it alone. Engage students, alumni, donors and volunteers with the power of Personalized Video.

Client Results in Education & Nonprofits

See how top universities, national charities and other not-for-profit leaders have increased
engagement and donations with Personalized Video.

ROI vs.
the control group
1 x
1 %
in donation
1 %
1 %
1 x

Client Testimonials

We talk a lot about how to customize the experience for donors to keep them engaged but struggled to find a scalable solution — until we discovered Personalized Video. It was a pleasure working with Idomoo on this campaign.
Our Personalized Video helped show that we’re technology-focused and student-centered, and our student-actor was so welcoming — she created a sense of belonging and community during a really difficult time.
The strategic relationship with Idomoo is integral to the future of Samaritan Ministries’ innovation. We are thankful for their diligence to excellence and how they truly desire to serve the needs of their clients.
Personalized Video has enabled us to engage admitted students in a unique way. Based on the test we ran, open and click-through rates increased and recipients took the extra step to consume content on our website. It is a tool we will continue to utilize moving forward.

Client Campaigns

Canadian Red Cross
Case Study
SickKids Foundation
University of South Dakota
Canadian Red Cross
Plan International Canada
East Tennessee State University
Cedarville University
Lead Generation
Quinnipiac University
University of Dayton
Financial Aid

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