Smart meters, sensors and other connected devices are creating a tsunami of data that brings with it new opportunities and challenges. Meanwhile, the need for transparency, letting people control their consumption and spend, is greater than ever.

How can you move customers to a self-serve model while empowering them to understand and manage their energy use? Our Next Generation Video Platform takes care of it all.

Billing statements come alive with data-driven video, engaging your customers and driving them to action. With our revolutionary Living Video functionalities, videos can be interactive, too, letting customers get their questions answered in real time and right from the player.

Humanize your self-serve solutions with Personalized Videos for utilities. You can launch your campaign in days by leveraging our ready-made, customizable video templates or create your own if you prefer. Either way, you have the power to influence customer behavior, shaping energy use for a greener tomorrow.

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Elevate Your Customer Service

Make customer self-service a reality with a digital tool that actually works — Personalized Video. You’ll reduce call volume while increasing customer satisfaction. With our intuitive platform, you can be up and running in days.

  • Billing: Explain your bills in a way customers understand. We even have customizable billing templates so you can plug in your data and go.
  • Onboarding: Welcome new customers with the personalized attention they deserve. Show them exactly what’s included in their plan so they don’t get lost in the details.
  • Digital FAQ: Answer customer questions before they’re asked. With Living Video, you can even turn your videos interactive so answers are never more than a click away.

Support Green Initiatives

You care about making our future better. So do your customers. Help them understand their energy use and reduce waste with the 1:1 emotional impact of Personalized Video.

  • Home energy reports: Give your customers a personalized snapshot of their energy consumption. It’s quick to watch but can make a world of difference.
  • Smart metering: Help customers get the most of their smart meters by using Personalized Video to show them how it works and how they can improve.
  • Year in review: A new year is perfect for a Personalized Video. You can share an overview of your customers’ energy use or surprise them with a personalized anniversary greeting.

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