Utility Companies Use Video To Help Customers Go Green

Utility Companies Use Video To Help Customers Go Green

Today’s consumers are increasingly invested in sustainability. We’ve become so drawn to environmental news that reporters have even come up with a term for it: “doomsday scrolling.”

With green initiatives on our radar more than ever, buyer behavior is changing, too. Consumers now look to buy from brands that align with their eco-conscious priorities.

And businesses have taken notice. To show they’re playing their part in creating a more sustainable world, many brands have made corporate social responsibility (CSR) an important part of their mission. The data shows that customers care.

Consumers Care About CSR

While any brand can join the movement, there are certain industries that have a stronger correlation to environmentally friendly efforts. Utility companies, for instance, are responsible for much of our energy use — a huge impact on our environment.

So how can utility companies enter the conversation? By capturing customer attention with video — but not just any kind of video, data-driven video that is engaging and, more importantly, actionable. Because of this, it’s the perfect addition to any utility company’s environmental communication strategy.

Here’s how utility companies can use video to communicate their environmental priorities and help their customers make more informed energy decisions.

Before You Start

To expand on their marketing efforts, utility companies first need to lay the foundation for consumers who will actually want to listen — and that groundwork is made up of satisfied customers.

Most customers don’t think about their utility companies unless there’s some kind of problem. The lights go out, there’s an unexpected charge on their monthly bill, and so forth. Because consumers don’t think about their utilities often, it can be tricky for providers to show their value.

The key is to provide customers with exceptional customer service. Think about it — if your lights went out, and your only option was to wait an hour to speak to a representative, you probably wouldn’t be too happy.

To avoid these kinds of situations that can have a severe impact on customer satisfaction, try sending your customer a Personalized Video that proactively answers their concerns. It can share what customers can expect for common scenarios when they have questions, such as getting their first bill.

We’ve seen firsthand how Personalized Video can reduce customer service center calls by over 70%.

With interactive chapter markers, customers can even toggle between sections to refresh their memory or skip to what they need to know ASAP. The upshot? Customers’ questions are answered quickly — and know they can rely on you for taking care of future issues.

Dynamic Videos for Sustainable Solutions

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not enough to say you care about the environment — actions speak louder than words. Leverage Personalized Video to show your customers your CSR isn’t just a statement.

Because National Grid’s video campaign sent out to customers was personalized, the tips in each video were relevant and achievable for each customer.

We’ve seen time and again how Personalized Video influences consumer behavior. For example, in the pensions industry, it’s helped individuals increase their retirement savings.

Think about how wide that impact could look for National Grid. With informative tips at their fingertips, customers are able to actually understand and improve their energy usage, helping them create a more sustainable lifestyle.

And consumers care about seeing differences, not just hearing about them. So much so, it’s become a priority alongside CSR. One report shows over 50% of consumers believe “greenwashing” is a common practice in the fashion industry. (Greenwashing is when a brand says they’re sustainable but doesn’t have any evidence to back it up.)

But with National Grid’s powerful, data-driven video, it’s clear that they care about reducing their impact on the environment and want to give their customers the tools to do the same.


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Leveraging Data-Driven Video for Utilities

Not only are data-driven videos engaging, but they’re informative — essential for customers looking to make better choices when it comes to the environment. And by treating their concerns with the individual attention they deserve, your video marketing campaign increases consumer trust.

Dynamic videos can be generated at scale in real time for a significant uplift in conversion rates and ROI. Ready to use video to support CSR and your KPIs? Schedule a call with one of our video experts to learn how.

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