For banks, there’s a clear connection between customer loyalty and profitability. Bain & Company estimates that the 25 largest U.S. banks could save $11.4 billion a year simply by improving their Net Promoter Scores.

But the entrance of new fintech competitors has made the space more crowded than ever before. Customer defection is easier. Customer engagement, harder. So how do you build loyalty? Make it personal, and use a digital medium they’ll actually pay attention to: data-driven video.

Our Next Generation Video Platform lets you connect 1:1 with customers, simplifying complex info, engaging them in real time and sparking real moments of delight.

  • +24

    NPS points

  • 6x

    uplift in CTR

  • 9x


Drive Sales

Use our personalized banking video platform to target new and existing customers with relevant offers in a format they’ll actually pay attention to.

  • Customer acquisition: Our Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook and Instagram deliver 5x uplift in CTR compared to legacy video ads.
  • Personalized offers: Use customer data to cross-sell and upsell. With Living Video, you can even let viewers generate customized offers, right from the player.

Enhance Customer Service

Personalization makes things easier for everyone. Offload unnecessary calls to a self-serve solution that actually works.

  • Onboarding: Understanding financial services is tough. A personalized welcome video makes the process easy, even pleasant.
  • Balances and statements: Be proactive. Explaining statements and charges in a video avoids frustration and time-consuming calls.
  • Interactive support: Try a chatbot smart enough to use Personalized Video. As customers share new info, their video updates in real time.

Boost Loyalty

Reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value by treating people like they want to be treated — as individuals.

  • Retention: Ongoing 1:1 communication keeps you top-of-mind. It’s easy to do thanks to the automation tools baked into our Next Generation Video Platform.
  • Year in review: Drive engagement with a recap of customer activities or rewards. We’re ISO certified secure, so your data is always safe.
  • Special occasions: Celebrate banking milestones, or surprise them with a Personalized GIF on their anniversary for superior CX.

Client Campaigns

JPMorgan Chase
Northwestern Mutual
Lloyds Bank
Navy Federal
US Bank

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