The tourism industry is facing a situation that’s truly “unprecedented.” Industry revenue dropped by nearly half due to the pandemic, and travel is still fraught with uncertainty for many consumers. Now, more than ever, communication requires empathy and a human touch.

That’s where Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform shines — delivering real-time communications that’s truly personal for each and every traveler. And with our revolutionary Living Video functionalities, viewers can choose their own adventure, interact with your content or even customize it with their own vacation photos.

It’s a customer experience with a touch of magic… just what your guests expect from you.

  • 8x

    increase in CTR

  • 20%

    upgrade purchases

  • 5x

    uplift in revenue

  • 19x

    amplification on social media

Drive Sales

Idomoo’s personalization travel marketing videos deliver the most relevant offers in the most engaging way, improving conversion rates and ROI.

  • Customer acquisition: Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook and Instagram are hyper-targeted to a customer’s profile, delivering up to 7x ROAS.
  • Cross-selling and upselling: Use your customer data to deliver the right offer to the right person. With Living Video, viewers can update their video with their preferences, wowing them and giving you valuable data for your next campaign.

Grow Loyalty

Loyalty programs are for your top customers. Do more than just stay in touch. Data-driven video reduces churn and increases brand advocacy.

  • Onboarding: Impress new members from the get-go. Personalized Videos are easy to understand, streamlined with just the info they need and actually fun to watch.
  • Retention: Remind your customers how many points they’ve earned with you and how much fun you’ve had together. It’s a practical and emotional appeal that’s hard to ignore.
  • Year in review: Recap the year’s best memories and share them with your customers in a visually engaging way guaranteed to impress.

Enhance Customer Service

Make life easy on your guests (and on your front desk staff) by taking your communications digital — in a format that won’t be ignored.

  • Policy updates: With safety regulations, travel restrictions, refunds and more, policies are always in flux. Communicate changes efficiently with 1:1 data-driven video.
  • Pre-arrival intro: Busy travelers can overlook info shared as text. Put it into a video and link it to Living Data so it updates in real time, no extra work needed on your part.
  • Travel plans: Tell your customers everything they need, from amenities to FAQs, before they arrive, saving your customers and your team the trouble of a phone call.

Surprise and Delight

CX is essential in nearly every industry, especially travel and hospitality. And today’s customer experience doesn’t begin on-site — it starts online.

  • Check-in experience: Welcome your guests with a video showing customized tips for their upcoming trip. Make your video interactive, and they can click to check in digitally.
  • Personalized offer: Wow your customers with a personal invitation or discount just for them.
  • Special occasions: Celebrate a birthday or anniversary. You can even let them customize their video, uploading pics from their trip for a UGC highlights reel.

Client Campaigns

Vail Resorts: client of Idomoo
American Airlines
Celebrity Cruises

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