Japan Airlines Upgrades Its First-Class CX With Idomoo

Japan Airlines is taking the pre-flight experience for its top customers to the next level with Personalized Video.

Now, when first-class travelers scan their boarding pass, they get a video made just for them, delivered right in their JAL+ Lounge app.

Powered by Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform, the videos include real-time flight information so travelers get everything they need to know at a glance. This includes how long it takes to walk to their gate, their anticipated arrival time and more.

See one personalized example in the GIF below.

Each personalized data point is up-to-the-minute accurate, and delivering this content in a video format makes it engaging and human for a next-level customer experience.

What makes these videos different from any other video your airline might send you? Here’s a peek.

  • Real-time video generation: This allows the latest flight information to sync with the video right when the viewer launches the app. The result? They get exactly what they need to know — right when they need to know it.
  • Infinite scalability yet ultimate 1:1 personalization. Thanks to our platform, Japan Airlines can easily expand the campaign to millions of videos, but each one will be just as personal as though it was made for that individual passenger — because it was (we just use our tech and automation tools to make it a lot easier).
  • Superior CX: Ultimately, this is about the customer experience. The videos cover details at a glance for busy passengers on the go, from when to expect their in-flight meal to the weather at their destination, in an engaging, fun-to-watch format.

NRI Digital collaborated with Idomoo to streamline and personalize the digital experience that centers on the JAL+ Lounge app.

digital experience

“Real-time video generation is especially relevant in the travel industry where data can change on the fly but having the latest information is essential,” said Yaron Dishon, Idomoo CRO. “No other platform can render cinematic quality Personalized Videos in 100x real time, and NRI Digital made the most of our tech with this engaging in-app experience.”

Real-Time Video for Travel

Idomoo’s unique combination of real-time rendering, automation tools and 1:1 personalization is a perfect fit for the travel and hospitality sector in so many ways.

Take the weather as one example. You can certainly show customers the expected temperature in their chosen destination, as Japan Airlines did. It’s a timely reminder that helps them prepare for arrival.

timely reminder

But you can also change the video based on the weather where your customer is currently located. Is it snowing? Send them a video to spotlight one of your sunnier destinations. Is it sweltering? Swap in a scene that shows a cooling mountain getaway.

Living Videos know the user’s location, so they can adapt based on where your customer is now, not just the home address you might have in your CRM, which could be outdated.

They also know the user’s device, so you can easily show a mobile-optimized video with a vertical orientation, as Japan Airlines uses, or a landscape-oriented video that makes the most of the space on a desktop, laptop, tablet or TV.

A more contextual viewing experience is just one way we’re reinventing the world of video. We also offer a full suite of Interactive Video functionality, ranging from hotspots to surveys to advanced user customization that lets your fans create their very own video with a few clicks (and then share it with the world on social media).

To learn more, read our guide to our Next Generation Video Platform features and use cases.

Personalizing the Travel Experience

We’re excited to accelerate our presence in the Japanese market as another travel brand joins our client roster. To see more campaigns with airlines, cruise lines, theme parks, hotels and more, check out our Personalized Videos for travel and hospitality.

Better yet, tell us about your dream travel experience. What do you envision for your customer? A personalized greeting when they check in? Custom recommendations based on what they enjoyed in the past? A shareable showreel of their top travel memories, highlighting how you made it possible?

We can do all that and more. Let’s talk.

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