Best Travel Marketing Examples From 12 Leading Brands

In an industry as dynamic and visually driven as travel, standing out from the crowd with exceptional marketing has never been more crucial.

According to Expedia, travelers consume an average of 303 minutes of travel content before booking. Additionally, nearly 1 in 5 are influenced by advertising to book a trip, with beautiful images, promotions and interesting experiences being the most impactful elements.

These numbers underscore the pivotal role marketing plays in shaping travel decisions.

But with so much competition, how do you make your brand shine through? Today’s travelers aren’t just looking for a place to go — they’re seeking an experience, a feeling and a story to tell. The best travel marketing campaigns not only visually transport their audience but also resonate on a personal level, forging a deep connection with their audience.

In this blog, we’ll explore how some of the leading brands in the travel industry have captivated audiences with their innovative campaigns. Buckle up as we uncover the best travel marketing examples from 12 top brands.

1. Accor

Accor is a hospitality giant known for its exceptional service and innovative marketing. One standout campaign was “31 Thank Yous,” in which members were invited to enter a giveaway every day for a chance to win daily prizes and a grand prize throughout December.

What made this campaign truly special? Accor went the extra mile with Personalized Videos tailored to each member, addressing them by name and highlighting their loyalty.

This personalized touch added a layer of authenticity and genuine appreciation, making members feel valued and seen. Plus, the video element was perfect for showing off the prizes and ramping up the excitement. Accor nailed it by blending visuals and personalization, creating a message that keeps its audience engaged.

2. KLM

Recognizing that nearly half of Germans mistook KLM for something other than an airline, the brand’s “We Are An Airline” campaign turned everyday experiences into opportunities to educate and improve customer engagement. The brand transformed into a restaurant serving in-flight meals, an ATM dispensing free tickets instead of cash and even took over a radio station.

This innovative campaign not only corrected misconceptions but also showcased KLM’s friendly and customer-centric brand personality. By combining immersive experiences with informative messaging, KLM engaged meaningfully with its audience and left a lasting impression.

3. easyJet

One of Europe’s leading airlines, easyJet, knows that standing out is an essential goal in travel marketing. With its creative “Get Out There” campaign, the airline unleashed the Mona Lisa, David and more from their frames and displays, letting them enjoy their own European adventure firsthand.

This refreshing campaign isn’t just memorable — it taps into travelers’ desire for new experiences. Rather than just showcasing destinations, the spot showcases the excitement of the journey and reflects the brand’s “bold challenger spirit.”


Learn how to master video marketing with our handy guide

From the Louvre to a sunny beach, easyJet’s message is clear: travel is about getting out there and embracing new adventures. Through the power of visual storytelling, the brand reminds its audience that travel is an opportunity to break free and discover the world.

4. Expedia

Expedia, a household name in travel booking, took a leap forward last year by integrating ChatGPT into its app, offering travelers a personalized and seamless trip-planning experience. With this feature, travelers can chat within the app and receive tailored recommendations on where to go, stay and play.

In its commercial “Sonia & Bill,” Expedia showed the power of this integration. The ad depicted Sonia and her dog, Bill, using the new chat function to escape the cold and plan a spontaneous trip to “sunshine.”

Expedia’s commercial not only demonstrates the practical benefits of ChatGPT but also highlights the brand’s commitment to making travel accessible and personal. It’s a perfect example of how video can be used to showcase a brand’s new features and highlight its efforts to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Pro tip: Video is a great way to show off your brand’s great CX — but it can also improve the customer experience itself. Check out how Japan Airlines upgraded the pre-flight experience with informative Personalized Videos.

5. Celebrity Cruises

Known for its luxury voyages, Celebrity Cruises delivers immersive experiences on the high seas — and digitally. One of the ways this brand keeps its loyal passengers coming back for more is through personalized offers delivered via video. By tailoring their promotions to individual preferences, Celebrity Cruises makes each customer feel, well, like a celebrity and engages them with exclusive opportunities that appeal to their tastes.

By combining stunning footage with tailored messages, Celebrity Cruises paints a vivid picture of the adventure that awaits and creates a compelling case for booking another unforgettable journey.

This leads to real results — our travel clients see 5x-10x higher conversions with Personalized Video compared to text or image-based email marketing.

6. British Airways

In the travel industry, every detail, even the obligatory safety video, becomes an opportunity to connect and engage with passengers on a deeper level.

British Airways’ latest onboard safety video — “The Original Safety Briefing” — seamlessly blends necessary safety instructions with quintessentially British moments. With appearances from British celebrities like Ncuti Gatwa and Kaya Scodelario, along with real-life Britons, the video paints a vivid picture of British culture while ensuring passengers pay attention.

As attention spans seem to grow shorter and shorter, visual storytelling becomes a powerful tool. British Airways understands this, using a diverse cast and engaging narrative to capture attention, deliver crucial information and leave a memorable impression on passengers.

7. Kensington Tours

Kensington Tours prides itself on crafting personalized trips tailored to each traveler’s preferences, ensuring that no 2 trips are the same. It’s no surprise then that their marketing communications mirror this tailored approach.

The Personalized Video below addresses the viewer, in this case, Alex, by name, thanking him for choosing Kensington Tours for their “New Zealand Discovery” adventure and inviting him to reach out to book another unforgettable trip.

Incorporating Personalized Video was a perfect move for a brand that’s all about personalized experiences. By speaking to Alex directly and including the name and number of his dedicated destination expert, Kensington Tours elegantly shows its dedication to providing personal service to travelers.

8. Delta

Delta’s commitment to going above and beyond for its loyal customers is clear through its personalized year-in-review campaigns. These videos, tailored for Delta Medallion members, are a celebration of each traveler’s adventures, complete with fun stats like total miles, trips taken and destinations explored.

Year-in-review campaigns like Delta’s aren’t just about numbers — they’re about building connections. By celebrating the individual journeys of their customers, Delta fosters a sense of accomplishment and appreciation that keeps travelers coming back for more.

9. Universal Orlando Resort

As travelers increasingly turn to online platforms for trip inspiration and planning, creating standout content becomes paramount for travel brands. Universal Orlando understands this well and their “Checked In” YouTube series is a great example of how to do it right.

Led by guide Leyla, the series takes viewers on a virtual tour of Universal Orlando’s themed hotels. From spotlighting the pools to the rooftop bars, the video series immerses viewers in the Universal experience before they even step foot on the property and gets them excited for their next stay. Check out one of the most popular episodes below.

Universal Orlando’s “Checked In” series is just one example of how video content can elevate a brand’s marketing efforts. Through dynamic visuals and engaging narration, video brings destinations to life in ways that words and images alone cannot, offering an immersive way to showcase the best a brand has to offer.

10. TUI

How much can you say in 40 seconds?

Looking to reshape perceptions, TUI launched a creative campaign showing how it has more to offer than just “sun and beach” style holidays.

The campaign, which featured a 40-second film, showcased TUI’s diverse selection of city breaks and experiences and shined a spotlight on how the brand is a one-stop shop for everything from flights and hotels to curated experiences.

By portraying the ease of booking city escapes with TUI’s app, the brand simplifies travel planning and makes it accessible to all. Meanwhile, the focus on unforgettable moments — sunset views of the Brooklyn Bridge or car rides past the Colosseum — emphasizes that TUI offers memorable experiences, not just transportation or accommodations.

11. Lufthansa

Another standout travel marketing example comes from Lufthansa and its AI-driven ad campaign, powered by IBM Watson.

Imagine engaging with an ad that not only answers your questions but also provides tailored recommendations for 15 European destinations. From Athens to Stockholm, Lufthansa’s AI-powered ad offered a virtual tour complete with travel facts, tips, image and video galleries and even the option to book a flight.

By embracing AI, Lufthansa didn’t just inspire wanderlust — it made the discovery stage more engaging and tailored than ever before.

Did you know? AI has become increasingly prevalent in modern content strategy, making marketers’ lives easier. For instance, our Enterprise AI Video solution has revolutionized the video creation process, making it possible for brands to swiftly produce videos at scale.

12. Disney Vacation Club

Travel brands often see 5-10x higher conversions with Personalized Video compared to text- or image-based marketing.

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Known for creating unforgettable experiences for families around the world, Disney Vacation Club offers a unique approach to travel, combining the comfort of home with the fun of Disney. But what sets them apart in the marketing game? It’s all about a personal touch.

Imagine receiving a video message addressed directly to you. This personal touch adds a sprinkle of that trademark Disney magic, elevating it from a generic message to an intimate invite.

By personalizing the video, Disney taps into the heart of what fans love about it: the ability to make every guest feel special and cherished.

It’s this commitment to creating truly personalized guest experiences that sets Disney apart and keeps travelers coming back for more.

Get Inspired

The world of travel marketing is evolving and it’s doing so in incredibly innovative ways. From personalized AI-powered ads to immersive experiential campaigns, the possibilities are endless when it comes to attracting and engaging travelers.

If you’re seeking more inspiration to elevate your travel marketing, check out our gallery of Personalized Videos for travel and hospitality. Whether you’re an airline, cruise line or a luxury hotel, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help you create unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Ready to take your marketing to new heights? Discover how Personalized and Interactive Videos can transform your customer experience and set your travel brand apart.

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