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Improve Sales With
Personalized Video

Benefits of Using Video To Improve Sales

How Idomoo Helps You Improve Sales

Personalize the Offer

Personalized Video is always relevant. Leverage customer data for targeted cross-selling and upselling to increase conversions.

Boost CTR With Interactivity

Add advanced features like clickable CTAs, surveys, user customization and more to your Interactive Video with a few simple clicks.

Reinvent Lead Gen

Send prospects a video that lets them enter info for a custom offer in real time. Or host the video on a web page and use it to gather new leads.

Upgrade Your Video Ads

Create hyper-targeted Dynamic Video Ads for every viewer in your audience. Easily swap scenes to optimize your campaign for peak ROI.

Sales Results

Personalization makes offers relevant. Video makes them engaging. Together, they’re a winning combo.
See some of our clients’ results.

conversion uplift
1 x
higher sales
1 x
ROI vs. control group
1 x
conversion rate
1 %
higher CTR
1 x

Case Study

How a Global Telco Brand Drove 3x Upgrades With One Digital Tool

Upselling can boost your bottom line, but personalized upselling is not only more effective but also a better experience for customers. Learn how one company made it work with this data-driven approach.

What Customers Are Saying

Idomoo’s platform allowed us to create and send Personalised Videos out to customers and prove an increase in both engagement and financial results.
Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads gave us the opportunity to seamlessly leverage customer data in a new and exciting way. With their help, we brought the focus of our Facebook campaign onto our individual customers.
We have been able to communicate to all our audience segments, offering tailored offers and cool user insights, which have driven impactful business results and value.
We’ve found that using Idomoo technology to engage with our customers, sustains and promotes our brand image as well as providing a high ROI.

Examples of Videos That Improve Sales

Upsell & Cross-Sell
Foxy Bingo (Entain)
Personalized Offer
Celebrity Cruises
Personalized Offer
Cedarville University
Lead Generation
Farmers Insurance
Customer Acquisition
Personalized Offer
Customer Acquisition
Customer Acquisition
Rocket Mortgage
Customer Acquisition
Tesco Clubcard
Upsell & Cross-Sell

Let’s Talk

See how we help the world’s top brands improve sales with Personalized and Interactive Video. Get in touch to schedule a call.

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