Using Personalization in Sales: How To Do It (With Examples)

Example of personalization with sales discounts

Trying to boost sales? Personalization is a practical strategy that helps businesses stay relevant. Epsilon found that an overwhelming majority of consumers (90%) find personalization appealing, with 80% more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences.

There’s an interesting reason behind why personalization is effective. According to research on the subject, it’s powerful because it appeals to two things:

  • Our innate desire for control
  • Our need to cope with the information overload of the 21st century

When brands personalize their sales and marketing efforts, they are providing more than just standardized options. They are affirming their customer’s uniqueness and presenting personal choices. At the same time, those personalization efforts help break through the information overload by being personally relevant to each customer.

Imagine it — sales content that’s exciting instead of forgettable. That’s what personalizing the sales process can do.

Making Sales Content Interactive

The power of personalization is further enhanced with interactivity.

Capture your customer’s attention, establish a personal connection, and then lead them to take action by adding elements that turn them into engaged consumers.

There are loads of ways you can add interactive elements for your customers, from quizzes that help them find their perfect product to interactive product demos.

Even video can now be interactive, thanks to Living Video. Check out how you can learn more or even shop directly from the video below by clicking on the shoes you’re interested in.

Now, imagine a similar video that addresses each viewer by name and is filled with personalized recommendations based on their past buying behavior. Products can be integrated into the scene. Scenes can change based on who is watching. You can even add gamification elements to drive deeper engagement.

Best of all, the customer can easily click to purchase, significantly streamlining their buyer journey.

Personalization in Retail Sales and Beyond

As the example above shows, retail is one industry where personalization really shines. Personalized Video, in particular, can effectively improve online shopping by bringing a human element to the experience. Think video reviews and demonstrations from store associates and experts versus static images and text descriptions.

But, of course, retail is far from the only industry that stands to profit from personalization. From insurance to higher ed, we’ve seen companies across most industries use video personalization to increase sales.

Take a look at some results from past campaigns.

Watch below to see one example from the world of banking. Getting a personalized offer like this isn’t only relevant — it’s a moment that can surprise and delight a new customer. That’s the magic of Personalized Video.

More importantly, personalizing your sales efforts is well worth the investment. The ROI of personalization has been studied, calculated and evaluated from various angles. The verdict is clear: when you personalize, you see significant returns.

When To Add That Personal Touch

Think about your customer’s buying journey. Which points of contact can be more engaging, relevant and, well, human? Here are just a few ideas for you.

Right at the Start: Personalization for Customer Acquisition

You know what they say about a first impression. The first few times you connect with a potential or new customer set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

Adding personalization to your acquisition efforts is a surefire way to capture the attention of potential customers. Imagine browsing an ecommerce site where you’re signed in and seeing an informative video with your name on it! You’ll probably pay closer attention, right?

Living Video makes this possible with its ability to draw from first- and third-party data feeds. It can adapt based on the viewer’s context, such as their location, device or even the weather.

Living Video also lets users input their own data. This can be used for social sharing UGC campaigns — think about a resort that lets you create a branded highlights reel with your vacation photos. But it also can be used for sales. Send customers a personalized offer that they can update based on their needs.

Check out the mortgage calculator example below for a glimpse of how this works.

Similarly, once you’ve landed a new customer, you can make sure their onboarding experience keeps that same personal tone.

Don’t just put them through a boring, generic introduction. Include their unique details and make sure that the content is customized for them.

Upselling, Cross-Selling and Renewals

When you personalize, you show your customers that you know them and their interests. This personalization inspires trust and leads to your customers having confidence in what you share and recommend to them.

Personalization, then, is critical to upselling and cross-selling efforts. When you recognize your customers as unique and demonstrate that you understand their tastes, your customers become much more likely to respond favorably to your sales campaigns.

And because you know your customers, you can reach out at the right time. This is key for renewals and upgrade opportunities. To keep your customers coming back, you need to strengthen and emphasize that personal relationship. As you ask them to renew, show that you value them as an individual and that you’ve thoughtfully considered how you benefit their life.

For example, O2’s recontracting campaign addressed the customer by name, even mentioning their February trip to Spain (among other data points).

Personalized Countdowns to Discounts, Deals and More

Most points of contact with your customers can benefit from adding personal touches, but personalizing your offers can have a huge effect on your bottom line.

People like to feel special. When you present an offer as just for them — and add details that demonstrate that — they become more inclined to accept it.

When it comes to offers, discounts and deals, adding countdowns is a popular strategy to create a sense of urgency. Remember when we talked about Living Video updating based on context? This is where it gets fun.

Try incorporating a countdown into your video for a more immersive experience. You can send out countdown videos that update in real time based on when they’re viewed. Add to that, the video can address the customer by name, recommend their favorite product (based on past behavior) and include interactive CTAs to purchase, and this tactic is a powerhouse for driving sales.
Infographic of personalized offers showing a clickable CTA, real-time-countdown and personalization
Tip: Personalized offers don’t have to be as complex as a video if you still want visual impact. Personalized GIFs can work great if you want a quick way to spotlight a new product, loyalty rewards available, a special discount and more.

The Science Behind the Sale

Personalization works. Beyond being a popular buzzword, it’s a research-backed strategy that is rooted in social psychology. And it’s not the only thing that can drive your customers to make the sales decisions you want.

Learn more about the role that cognitive biases play in customers’ decision-making in our free webinar, Feels True: The Secret Psychology of Sales. Plus, you’ll get clued in on 34 (!) tricks to help you boost conversions.

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