In the fiercely competitive gaming market, attracting players is only half the battle. With so many freemium offerings, keeping players engaged is arguably harder than capturing their attention in the first place, as they are constantly tempted by shiny new alternatives.

Engaging players beyond the game has become critically important in order to extend a game’s lifespan. Doing so can be challenging, as it requires not only the right content, but also a rich and impactful experience that stands out in a sea of overstimulation.

At Idomoo, we’ve found that an extremely effective way to drive player engagement is through the power of the humblebrag. By giving players a boast reel showcasing their achievements and making that content sharable, market leaders have been able to drive player engagement and generate social buzz around their content.

Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service platform (PVaaS™) delivers the perfect experience for players.

Unparalleled quality and scale enable rich, engaging campaigns of any size. And a streamlined open platform enables the speed and agility required to accommodate the industry’s impossible deadlines.

Join the likes of Epic (Fortnite), Activision (Call of Duty 3: Black Ops), Zynga, Electronic Arts and others and take your player engagement to the next level.

Key Momentsin GamingExtend your game’s reach byproviding personalized,shareable boast reels integratingactual footage and stats fromplayers’ gameplay.Player EngagementHaven’t seen some of yourplayers in a while? PersonalizedVideo is a fun way to say,“Hey, remember us?” Leveragewhat you know about yourplayers to invite them. Darethem. Taunt them. Entice themback in a way that speaksdirectly to them.Player ReactivationUse rich Personalized Videoexperiences to drivecontextualized sellingof in-game items and passes.In-Game RevenuesCelebrate your players with arecap of their year of playing,or simply show them you careon their special game-basedanniversary or real-worldbirthday. Personalized Video isthe perfect way to shareimportant milestones with yourcustomers and it also can drivesocial activity.Season in ReviewUse our Facebook orInstagram integrations toseamlessly generate and setup programmatic DynamicVideo ad campaigns. DynamicVideo ads beat out all legacyad formats, delivering upliftsof up to 5X in CTRs and 4X inBrand Recall.Player Acquisition
Key Moments in Retail and Loyalty

Player Acquisition

Use our Facebook or Instagram integrations to seamlessly generate and setup programmatic Dynamic Video ad campaigns. Dynamic Video ads beat out all legacy ad formats, delivering uplifts of up to 5X in CTRs and 4X inBrand Recall.


Player Engagement

Extend your game’s reach by providing personalized, shareable boast reels integrating actual footage and stats from players’ gameplay.


Player Reactivation

Haven’t seen some of your players in a while? Personalized Video is a fun way to say, “Hey, remember us?” Leverage what you know about your players to invite them. Dare them. Taunt them. Entice them back in a way that speaks directly to them.


In-Game Revenues

Use rich personalized video experiences to drive contextualized selling of in-game items and passes.


Season in Review

Celebrate your players with a recap of their year of playing, or simply show them you care on their special game- based anniversary or real-world birthday. Personalized Video is the perfect way to share important milestones with your customers and it also can drive social activity.

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