In the fiercely competitive gaming market, attracting players is only half the battle. With so many shiny new alternatives, keeping players engaged is arguably harder than capturing their attention in the first place.

Your digital comms need to be immersive and interactive — and that’s what we offer. Data-driven videos, like personalized highlight reels, build social buzz while driving retention and loyalty. You can even empower your players to become creators, letting them customize their gaming video content in real time with the click of a button.

Need to launch your campaign with lightning-fast speed? No problem. Our scalable, easy-to-use next gen gaming video platform was made for it. Join leaders like Epic, Ubisoft, Activision and Zynga, and take your player engagement to the next level.

  • 10x

    higher engagement

  • 17x

    player reactivation

  • 5x

    uplift in social sharing

  • 68%

    in sales

Boost Engagement

Next Generation Video creates a deeper level of engagement. Videos can pull stats and footage from gameplay, be interactive and even customizable so players can create their own video.

  • Season in review: Help gamers brag about their biggest wins. Recap highlights from the season or zero in on an epic battle. Try Living Data to dynamically pull the latest stats or footage.
  • Special occasions: Only you know the anniversary of your player’s first achievement. While no one else might help them celebrate, you can do it easily with data-driven video or even a Personalized GIF.

Drive Sales

Grab attention with dynamic videos that are impossible to ignore and hyper-targeted to both new and current players.

  • Player acquisition: Use our Facebook integration to easily generate Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook and Instagram that beat legacy video ads with 5x CTR.
  • In-game revenues: Living Video allows contextualized selling of in-game items. Add clickable products to take users straight to checkout for a seamless CX.
  • Player reactivation: Haven’t seen some of your players in a while? Leverage what you know about them to entice them back. Then sweeten the deal with a personalized offer.

Build Brand Ambassadors

Build Brand Ambassadors

Create Personalized Videos and infographics that are so compelling, they’re irresistibly shareable. It’s an effective way to build brand loyalty.

  • Referrals: Add a personalized campaign landing page so gamers who share their video can let friends to sign up, too. Throw in an incentive for both players, and everyone wins.
  • Beta testing recaps: Generate buzz around new games with video recaps featuring beta testers’ best stats and footage. It empowers social sharing for increased virality before the launch.

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