Retention Solution

A CX Tool To
Reduce Churn

The Cost of Customer Churn

How Idomoo Helps You Reduce Churn

Connect at Key Moments

Reach customers when they’re most likely to churn, such as renewals or first bills, with a bespoke video sure to catch their attention.

Upgrade Your Customer Service

Offer support that’s personal yet on-demand. Our videos provide clarity with a human touch, and interactivity lets users self-serve.

Communicate Proactively

Have upcoming changes or a charge to explain? Data-driven video makes complex details easy to understand, reducing friction and boosting NPS.

Show Customers Their Value

You do a lot for your customers. Recap the highlights in a video that’s personalized just for them to remind them why they love you.

Retention Results

Personalized and Interactive Video connects with customers when they’re most likely to churn to boost retention rates.
Take a look at a few of our clients’ results.

90-day churn reduction
1 %
NPS points
+ 1
user reactivation
1 x
fewer support calls
1 %
renewal rate
1 %

Retention Case Study

How Zurich Cuts Churn With
Personalized Video

Find out how Zurich reaches customers personally and visually at a common point of churn: renewal. This case study takes a look at their strategy and the strong results that have led them to keep the campaign going.

What Customers Are Saying

This has become one of our keystone annual customer relationship campaigns for two critical reasons — it’s always really well received amongst our readers and our staff alike, and it has real measurable business impact, driving customer engagement in our content as well as subscriber retention.
We talk a lot about how to enhance and customize the experience for our donors to keep them engaged and committed to the cause, but struggled to find a solution that would work on a mass scale until we discovered Idomoo’s Personalized Video solution. It was an absolute pleasure working with the Idomoo team.
The campaign wasn’t just human and empathetic. It maximized customer data to create an innovative, personal and engaging interaction. In this video, the spotlight was on the customer, not the business.
We’ve been collaborating with the Idomoo team for the last two anniversary events, but this year’s campaign exceeded our expectations in terms of player engagement, referrals and creating a massive buzz on social media.
With Idomoo, we were able to send a highly engaging Personalized Video campaign looking back at our members’ 2020 accomplishments. The Idomoo team is great to work with, always bringing fresh ideas and being flexible when needed

Examples of Videos That Help Reduce Churn

Financial Times
SickKids Foundation
Communicating Changes
Words With Friends (Zynga)

Let’s Talk

See how we help the world’s top brands reduce churn with consistent personal connections. Get in touch today and we’ll show you how.

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