Idomoo Included in Gartner Report, “Add Video to Your Personalization Strategy”

Idomoo Included in Gartner Report on Personalized Video

Idomoo was recognized in the 2022 Gartner® report titled, “Add Video to Your Personalization Strategy.” We know personalization and video are both key tools for CX. Together, they represent a powerhouse for meaningful engagement between the brand and consumers.

As Gartner notes in the report:

“Personalized Videos are designed to improve customer experiences by delivering relevant content during the customer journey.”

To deliver such content consistently across the customer journey, scale is essential, and Idomoo’s full-stack and fully open Next Generation Video Platform delivers. It lets brands of all sizes create millions of dynamic, cinematic videos in up to 100x real time.

So what exactly is Personalized Video in a nutshell? Here’s a quick explainer.

How Personalized Video Works

As the name suggests, Personalized Video is a form of personalized content, in which customer data is used to design and deliver a unique experience that’s tailored to a particular individual. In doing so, a brand is able to capture the attention of their customer and effectively connect with them through a value-filled interaction.

Personalized content can take many forms, but video has emerged as one of the most effective because of its popularity.

For years, people have turned to video as a source of information and entertainment, but the COVID-19 pandemic prompted new consumption habits as viewers watch and engage with video now more than ever.

It makes sense, then, for brands to leverage video in their personalization strategies.

“Personalized Video content assets afford an opportunity to align with this behavior shift and address a customer’s need during the buying journey or ongoing relationship, such as enhancing the onboarding experience and rewarding loyalty.”

– Gartner

Types of Data in Personalized Video

While meaningful details are the foundation of all personalized video, there are different kinds of data available and various ways that data can be incorporated.

First-Party Data

One type of Personalized Video includes content that leverages customer data already collected by the company. This approach uses first-party data to design a personalized message for each individual customer.

Information like the customer’s name, how long they’ve been a customer, their past purchases, etc., can all be used to craft a unique video.

Live Data

Beyond first-party data, Personalized Video can leverage third-party data as well. It’s called live data because the live data can update the video in real time.

Want to send your customer current flight times or product prices? If you link your video to the data source, it can change based on the latest information. If a product is out of stock, have another one show instead. If a price changes, it updates, right in the video. That means your Personalized Video is endlessly evergreen.

Contextualized Data

Through Living Video technology, a video can also be personalized with contextual data. This type of Personalized Video takes into account the viewer’s context, such as what device they’re using, their local time and current weather.

The video can even update in real time so the same video will be different for someone in London versus someone in New York.

Zero-Party Data From User Customization

Zero-party data has become a bit of a buzzword in marketing. Even closer to the customer than first-party data, zero-party data is what users willingly share with you, and it’s part of video now too.

Videos can be customized by the viewer directly in the player. Any element, from the text to the selection of scenes, can be customized by the user so it’s perfectly tailored to them. This kind of video is perfect for sharing on social media, tapping into the power of UGC (user-generated content) to expand reach and brand love.

The 3 Objectives of Personalized Video (With Examples)

Beyond understanding what Personalized Video is and the forms it can take, it’s important to consider the purpose of the content. Gartner notes this as well with the following recommendations for digital marketing leaders.

  • Identify high-value opportunities to use Personalized Video by fulfilling an unmet customer need.
  • Understand and select the right types of video personalization formats.
  • Identify internal and external resources to ensure their ambitions are aligned to the organization’s data-driven maturity.

“These personalized videos have one of three main objectives,” says Gartner, “to inform, to persuade or to make an emotional connection.”

Here are some examples of each use case.

To Inform

Through a combination of audio, visuals and text, video is a fantastic medium for communicating information. By incorporating personalized details in a video, marketers can present their customers with the most accurate and relevant information.

For instance, BT sent out Personalized Videos walking new customers through their very first bill.

Instead of generically explaining how billing works, the video included the exact amounts and dates the customer needs to know about. The result was a video that was truly relevant and helpful for their customers and a great start to a new brand-customer relationship.

To Persuade

Because they can include details that appeal to the specific needs of a customer, Personalized Videos can be effective at persuading the viewer into a particular action. Whether you’re trying to upsell to a current customer or convince a potential client to do business with you, a targeted (rather than generic) approach has always proved effective in the art of persuasion.


How BBVA increased pension savings with Personalized Video

Take BBVA, for example. Looking to motivate their customers to save for retirement, they made a compelling case for increasing contributions by including personal details that would resonate with the viewer. By presenting customers with a message from “their future self,” BBVA saw outstanding results, including an overall 78% increase in long-term savings.

To Make an Emotional Connection

It’s no secret that video can stir powerful emotions within people.

From heart-pounding highlight reels to entertaining blockbusters, certain scenes, sounds and words can come together to become a piece of content that viewers strongly value. When personal details are added, this effect is amplified, making Personalized Video perfect for making emotional connections. After all, in a Personalized Video, the video stars your favorite person — you!

Personalized Video stars your favorite person — you!

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Being able to connect with your customers is an essential part of boosting engagement, showing customer empathy and mastering customer retention, all of which can have a direct effect on your bottom line. Some ideas for doing this with video could be a personalized welcome, a thank-you message, or the ever-popular recap video, as seen below.

As a gift to their players, Ubisoft sent out Personalized Videos to nearly 5 million people in celebration of 5 years of gameplay. The videos tapped into the exciting moments each gamer experienced, applauding them on their personal stats and crowning them with titles like visionaries, warriors, hackers and heroes.

With a special thank-you message from the game creators at the end, the campaign was a hit among players. As they shared their Personalized Videos all over social media, they showed their loyalty and appreciation for Ubisoft, thanking the brand for the memories and friends made.

Is Your Organization Ready for Personalized Video?

Once you have a fuller understanding of Personalized Video, the next step is to determine whether your organization is ready to incorporate it into its marketing strategy. As the Gartner report points out, “It remains important that digital marketing leaders note that Personalized Video is a relatively advanced step along a marketer’s personalization journey.”

The figure below from Gartner illustrates this point.

Gartner typical roadmap

Additionally, the maturity of your organization’s data and analytics practices will need to be assessed. According to Gartner, “Before setting out to do Personalized Video, you’ll want to understand your organization’s mastery of personalization techniques and build on lessons learned.”

Address any data quality issues and identify the data sources that can be used. A mature data management infrastructure is critical for effective video marketing for 3 major reasons:

  • It ensures that the data used in Personalized Video is accurate and clean. This means no misspellings, duplicates, etc.
  • Proper management allows for a better understanding of the data. In other words, there needs to be context behind the data that allows you to pull out insights.
  • Data is needed to track the ROI and effectiveness of video campaigns. Some video metrics to focus on include click-through rate, completion rate, downloads or social shares, CTA conversions and more.

Once the proper data and analytical resources and systems are in place, your organization can then start to evaluate external resources and select a Personalized Video provider to help you bring your videos to life.

Choosing Your Personalized Video Vendor

The functionalities and models of video personalization providers vary greatly across the industry. Some are purely self-service tools that allow you to weave personalized elements into a video while others may have more complex functionalities involving data sources and video editing.

Idomoo offers Personalized Video as a service through its industry-leading Next Generation Video Platform. Whether you want us to handle the details or prefer to use our fully open self-serve platform, you can launch large-scale Personalized Video campaigns in a matter of days. Here are some highlights from our platform:

  • Intuitive interface with automation tools, robust APIs and integrations to save you time
  • Living Video functionalities like contextualization, interactivity and user customization
  • Enterprise-grade security that guarantees data is anonymized, masked and protected
  • Video distribution across channels, integrated with our real-time analytics dashboard

Want to learn more about creating Personalized Video with Idomoo? We’d love to show you how it all works. Click below to request a demo from one of our experts.

Request a Demo

Gartner, “Add Video to Your Personalization Strategy”, Anna Maria Virzi, 28 April 2021. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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