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The Importance of Data Security for Personalized Video

The Importance of Data Security for Personalized Video

Personalized Video combines the power of personalization with everyone’s favorite type of media: video. As with any form of content, adding personalization requires customer data — the details that make one video different from another and make each video unique to the viewer who receives it. Personalization is a boon

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Danny Kalish, cofounder and CTO of Idomoo

Reinventing Data-Based Marketing With New Technologies

A version of this article appeared originally on N12. You can read it here. The world of marketing has long since undergone a revolution in data-based personal marketing. The advertisements on leading platforms show according to the user’s preferences. The next step for retail giants is sending customized offers directly

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Living Video - How It All Started

Living Video: Interactive, Evergreen and Ready for UGC

As you might have heard, video is changing. Thanks to Living Video, a suite of functionalities that are part of Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform, videos are now more dynamic than ever. Videos evolve in real-time based on first- and third-party data. You can interact with them or even change

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