Idomoo Revolutionizes Personalized Patient Communications With New EHR Integration

When it comes to healthcare-related communication, nothing is as important as clarity. People need to pay attention to and understand their treatment and next steps to take ownership of their care plan. That’s where Personalized and Interactive Video comes in.

Data-driven video enhances patient communications with a more effective approach to sharing content. It’s not just easy to understand, though that’s important — people are 3.5x more likely to prefer video for complex topics. It’s also empathetic, a more human way to talk to customers while leveraging the power of digital media to be available on demand, rewatchable and easily accessible.

That’s why here at Idomoo, we’re changing how hospitals and other healthcare providers communicate with patients through its Next Generation Video Platform. Now, it’s more personal and easier to understand than ever, thanks to a new integration with Epic, a prominent electronic health record (EHR) system used in 89% of acute care hospitals in the U.S.

This marks a significant step forward in leveraging patient data to create personalized and interactive videos for healthcare communication. It allows hospital and healthcare systems to deploy dynamic videos without the need for IT involvement and therefore with much less time and expense. Providers use these videos for patient admissions, inpatient room orientation, perioperative patient readiness and discharge instructions, appointment reminders and other aspects of patient care.

Here’s one example of how Personalized Video can share specific, actionable information that healthcare consumers need to know.

It’s time providers rethink the patient experience. With this EHR integration, healthcare providers can easily harness key patient data to deliver tailored messages directly to patients through video, a more human and accessible content medium.

And these personalized videos are proven effective in helping patients understand healthcare communications. Results from past campaigns include a 10x uplift in patient engagement and an 86% patient approval rating.

Key benefits include:

  • Seamless access to relevant data for generating videos supporting each patient’s unique condition and encounter details
  • Safe data transfer backed by Idomoo’s security credentials, including HIPAA compliance, ISO 27799 (health informatics) and ISO 27001
  • The ability to create customized video content to implement personalized patient health strategies at virtually unlimited scale

“We are thrilled to announce we successfully integrate with Epic, further solidifying our commitment to transforming healthcare communications through the power of patient data-driven video,” said Bruce Kennedy, VP, Head of Healthcare at Idomoo. “This collaboration will empower healthcare providers to connect with patients on a deeper level, fostering a more personalized and impactful healthcare journey.”

Epic is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation. Idomoo is HIPAA compliant and ISO 2799 health informatics certified. Read more about our data security credentials.

To learn more about how Personalized and Interactive Video is revolutionizing healthcare communications, get in touch. We’d love to show you how dynamic video can empower your customers to take ownership of their health, armed with the right information and support from you.

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