How Personalized Videos Connect Patients to Providers

How Personalized Videos Connect Patients to Providers

The onset of COVID has exposed several cracks in our healthcare system. And if that’s not enough, patient satisfaction in the healthcare space ranks among the lowest when comparing high-income countries. It’s prompted healthcare delivery systems to find new ways to drive engagement. But is something missing?

While patient data is increasingly accessible, patient-based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) platforms remain unused. Although healthcare systems are actively engaging customers, it has yet to translate to strong, meaningful connections between patients and providers.

And the disconnect is tangible. Statistics show providers have overestimated the quality of the patient experience by over 20%. It’s obvious healthcare delivery systems need to find a new way to present data to not just engage patients, but connect with them.

The solution? Putting your message in a video — an engaging, entertaining format consumers can’t seem to get enough of. With the latest technology, video can easily be infused with the wealth of data hospitals already have on hand, building stronger relationships and deeper engagement.

Read on to learn how Personalized Videos can be leveraged to create more meaningful connections that enhance the patient experience on a more personal level.

Where Patient Engagement Falls Short

Digital platforms have progressed in providing patients with 24/7 access to critical data. But viewing raw data rarely translates to finding the value within it.

Bringing a human touch to digital platforms is the next step forward. And videos that position the viewer as the star of the story do exactly that.
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And with Gen Z beginning to age into the healthcare engagement cohort, it’s likely they will increasingly demand personalization, relevance and access. The current level of personalization we see in healthcare simply won’t cut it.

The question remains: how can we connect data back to the patient?

Bringing a human touch to digital platforms is the next step forward. And videos that position the viewer as the star of the story do exactly that. Here’s why.

Why Personalized Video Works

The demand for video has grown rapidly. More visually pleasing than text and more entertaining than pictures, videos are expected to soon account for over 80% of internet traffic. People want their content, whether from brands or publishers — in a video format.

And video is even more engaging when personalized, creating a message that’s both engaging and valuable. We call it Personalized Video.

The healthcare consumer experience is no different. Engaging viewers with a video that speaks to their personal health creates a 1:1 connection at almost any touchpoint. They include:

  • Admissions
  • Discharge support
  • Chronic condition management and navigation
  • And a range of other healthcare enhancement opportunities.

What makes Personalized Videos so special? Let’s take a look.

Patient Education Made Easy

Patient education is a critical part of the healthcare consumer experience. And COVID has shown how confusing messages quickly lead to frustration.

Putting your patient’s data in a video simplifies their health history, clearly explains perioperative care and more.

Again, visuals are key. Science shows that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. And when helpful visual aids are combined with insightful data, the resulting video clearly — and concisely — explains information to viewers.

NHS streamlined chronic care management with the explainer video below, educating diabetic patients on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

With relevant, data-driven tips, viewers were able to take away valuable insight regarding their own health journey, and felt empowered to lead a healthier lifestyle.

But did the campaign actually drive engagement? The results are proof of its success.

  • Engagement reports were approximately 10x higher.
  • NHS projects using Personalized Video reported patient approval ratings over 86%.

What’s more, by giving your patients an educational tool they can rewatch at any time, they’re less likely to have questions for your staff. We’ve seen Personalized Videos achieve a call deflection of 73%, key in reducing strain on employees answering customer service queries.

Leveraging Smart Personalization

It’s important to note that, yes, digital health platforms already include a certain level of personalization. It’s easy to log on to see your personal health records, your providers and more. But the way it’s presented lacks any real value. Being presented with a list of your health records doesn’t make for an engaging experience.


How to boost your bottom line with Personalized Video

This is where video — and smart personalization — comes into play. A Personalized Video doesn’t just depict a viewer’s medical records. The patient is greeted by name to capture their attention. Their progress or next steps, for example, in lowering their blood pressure provides valuable insight. Personalized Videos tell a story that resonates with your patients.

That’s where the magic happens. And we’ve already seen it in action among various health insurers.

Because insurance is a notoriously low-touch industry, driving engagement is a challenge. Members don’t think about their health insurance until they truly need it. And lengthy pamphlets and generic FAQs certainly don’t help.

A video, on the other hand, is clear, personal and fun to watch. Take a look at this side-by-side, showing how a Personalized Video would look for two different viewers.

Rather than read about policies and available options — viewers watch their very own video to learn about their specific plan. Entire scenes can be swapped out for what makes the most sense to that individual patient. It’s useful personalization in a format consumers love.

Another way to upgrade your patient care? Send your patients a timely, automated reminder to refill prescriptions.

Interactivity To Boost Engagement

Did you know videos can be interactive, too? With Living Video, it’s possible. Viewers can navigate with chapter markers, click from down-drop menus and more, jumping straight to the content they need and increasing meaningful engagement.

Want to provide your patient with a list of referrals? An interactive video allows them to click on each name and go straight to their website.

Helping your patient prepare for their surgery? An interactive checklist makes the process straightforward.

Driving Deeper Connections With Personalized Video

Despite healthcare’s transition to the digital world, one thing remains constant — health and wellness is personal. Creating a seamless, digital experience with a human touch is critical to fostering stronger relationships with your patients, and video holds the key to achieving just that.

But healthcare systems have more than just one patient. They serve communities, hundreds of thousands and even millions of members. With the right technology, it’s possible to effectively connect — and engage — with individuals at scale.

What data-driven messages are you looking to send? Who are you looking to send them to? Learn how to start your own dynamic video campaign by scheduling a 15-minute call with one of our team members.

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