How to Build an Empire with Personalized Video Content Marketing

How to Build an Empire with Personalized Video Content Marketing

The sales and marketing goals of a successful brand focus on three things: generating viable leads, engaging existing customers in a positive brand experience and looking forward to long term customer loyalty. Following this blueprint, you ensure you’ve got quality leads always coming in and you’re also continually working to improve interactions for your existing customers, thus increasing the likelihood of repeat transactions. 

Sure, it’s a simple concept, but many marketing teams struggle to keep all of the proverbial plates spinning seamlessly. And it’s crucial that they do. Imagine customer loyalty crashing to the floor – it’s estimated that churn costs US companies $1.6 trillion annually. No thanks. Or picture halting lead nurturing – it’s reported that 79% of marketing leads never convert to into sales because of a lack of proper nurturing. That’s one statistic you never want to be a part of.

Instead, let’s talk about a way you can succeed in customer acquisition, experience and loyalty without having to double your staff, triple your budget, stage an office coup or cry yourself to sleep at night. Let’s talk about how you can build a brand empire with the help of Personalized Video content marketing. 

Improving Lead Generation

One of my favorite concepts to talk about when it comes to lead gen is the “Hidden Sales Cycle”. The Aberdeen Group did some research on it here that you can read, but the main idea is that customers independently conduct their own research on products and brands before making purchases.

Because of the internet, we have the tools to compare services and products like never before. Where once there may have been one or two choices in the marketplace, there are now hundreds and it’s up to consumers to weigh the pros and cons of each. Reviews and resources are quite literally at our fingertips, and most people do choose to consult them instead of taking a brand at their word. Trust isn’t immediate.

So what does this have to do with the Hidden Sales Cycle? Aberdeen found that marketing assets that contained video outperformed those that didn’t, to such an extent that companies that implemented video required 37% fewer website visitors to generate the same amount of business as companies not using video. Video went so far as to affect bottom line success, where the average cost was just $93 per marketing-generated-lead for brands using video compared to $115 per lead for brands not using it.

At Idomoo, we celebrate the success of video content marketing and pair it with the power of personalization. After all, 73% of consumers prefer doing business with brands that leverage information to deliver a personalized shopping experience, and 86% of consumers report personalization plays a role in their buying decisions.

Brands who have used Personalized Video in their marketing communications have experienced strengthened customer acquisition efforts with conversion rates as high as 33%

Optimizing Customer Experience

Many brands are guilty of creating a customer experience that’s truly excellent on one device and completely lacking on another. Think about the fact that nearly 80% of social engagement and 66% of email opens happen on smartphones, and 90% of consumers shop across multiple devices. What if you’ve only optimized your customer experience on desktop? That’s a whole lot of customers receiving inconsistent, inefficient service as they switch devices.

Personalized Video presents a dynamic solution because it delivers the personalized shopping experience that 70% of consumers have come to expect from brands. Not only that, but it can be seamlessly implemented across devices to ensure optimal performance whether someone is engaging with your brand on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Most of the time customers are on a mission to find a service, product or solution, and they don’t want to waste excess time fulfilling their goal. Personalized Video content marketing delivers the right, easy-to-understand information to the right people in real time, as they’re seeking it. It removes frustration and focuses on optimizing someone’s time while they’re interacting with your brand. We’ve mentioned before that an optimized customer experience isn’t a novelty, it’s a necessity for success.

Building Long Term Loyalty

Audiovisual information, the same kind we receive when having conversations with people, is remembered 68% more reliably than text. It’s important to build a customer experience that combines the personal feeling of a conversation with the speed and relevance of data-driven digital solutions. That’s where Personalized Video comes in.

Through Personalized Video, customer data can easily be used to create one-of-a-kind, relevant video experiences that increase information retention and engagement. And guess what? 78% of consumers trust a brand more after they’ve received personalized content.

It’s because Personalized Video creates an environment where each and every customer feels like they have an individualized relationship with your brand, where they can actively ask questions and seek information and get answers specific to their needs. It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. In fact, companies have experienced a 335% increase in engagement after integrating Personalized Video into their marketing campaigns.

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