Ubisoft Recaps 5 Years of Gameplay, Personalized for Millions of Gamers

Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up campaign

No player is the same, but there’s one thing they share in common: passion.

With this in mind, Ubisoft launched an immersive, multichannel campaign to kick off its new ecosystem of player services, Ubisoft Connect. The campaign celebrated the last five years of gaming, personalized for each player, with the goal of viral social sharing and engagement.

That’s easier said than done.

Gamers are already used to elaborate digital experiences. They create worlds, defeat enemies and win fortunes. How could a marketing campaign compete at that level? By taking the specific experiences and achievements that make gameplay memorable and distilling them into a short, compelling, shareable video for each individual.

Take a look.

How It Worked

Partnering with Ubisoft and their creative agency, Biborg, we launched the Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up campaign. Ubisoft shared it across their channels, including email, web, social and the Ubisoft Connect app.

Personalization included core stats like hours played, date joined and XP earned. But it also highlighted personal details designed to inspire — the number of friends made on Uplay, a player’s top three favorite games, and who they became through those games: visionaries, warriors, hackers, heroes.

And players loved it. Campaign performance exceeded key industry benchmarks across the board.

Four metrics increased with Ubisoft campaign: video completion rate, social share rates, CTA click rate, video download rate

Personalized Videos for 5 Million Players

The Personalized Videos covered more than 30 games in 11 languages for nearly 5 million gamers. Videos for a select group of professional gamers and streamers even included a special thank-you from game creators.

And with Idomoo’s purpose-built rendering engine, each user generated their Personalized Video in real time with the click of a button.

The response from players was overwhelming. As they shared their personalized wrap-up videos on social media, they thanked Ubisoft for the memories and friends made, said Marianne Loraud, Ubisoft’s group manager of Online Services and Loyalty.

Campaign stats graphic: The Personalized Videos covered more than 30 games in 11 languages for nearly 5 million gamers

“Idomoo’s technology has enabled us to achieve a high level of personalization with real-time rendering and cinematic quality,” Loraud said. “This wrap-up video, powered by Idomoo’s technology, was a great gift to celebrate our community and their engagement with Ubisoft games throughout the years!”

Along with cinematic quality, each video sequence featured an extraordinary variety of creative material, from game scenes to custom sound effects tracks. But it was still easy for creative agency Biborg to manage all of it in one place using Idomoo’s Personalized Video Platform.

“Thanks to Idomoo’s user-friendly technology platform and dashboard, we were able to drag and drop our Ubisoft creative and start this personalized video campaign in days,” said Morgane Roncin, Biborg account director and partner.

Personalized Video Turned Infographic

Using Personalized Video to create viral, shareable social media content is nothing new for Idomoo, but there was a first for us here. As part of the Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up campaign, we created a high resolution infographic drawn from video stills to summarize the user’s game play.

Here’s a small segment of one of the infographics, but you can download the full personalized infographic to see more.

Segment of personalized infographic sent to users for the Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up campaign

The infographic follows the narrative of the video, highlighting stats and achievements unique to each gamer. Essentially, it provided another way for players to share their wrap-up on social media — a top goal for this campaign. Facebook and Twitter infographic share rates were 5 times the industry benchmark.

Facebook and Twitter infographic share rates increase by 5X.

The infographic had an even wider initial audience than the videos: They were personalized for 100 million gamers. Fortunately, crafting these millions of infographics didn’t take weeks of tedious design work. Each graphic was generated via an API call pulling over two dozen images that were then rapidly stitched together into a single JPEG users could download in one click.

Personalized infographics are a smart add-on to a personalized video campaign since they offer users another way to consume and share their personalized content. As we saw with this campaign, both the infographic and video had a similar high download rate, meaning for users, it’s not an either/or choice between the infographic or the video — they want both.

However, personalized infographics can be powerful on their own. They’re suited for a range of media, including Pinterest, blogs, email marketing and more. And with their ease of creation and quick launch, they work well for use cases where you want to convey data at a glance rather in video form.

Game On

The Ubisoft Connect Wrap-Up campaign continues Idomoo’s success in realizing vivid, dynamic campaigns for top brands in the gaming industry. Here are just a few of our clients:
logos for Epic Games, Activision, Playtika, EA, Zynga, Ladbrokes, Warner Bros.

These personalized campaigns have driven millions of activations for our clients along with growing engagement and increasing in-game purchases.
And that’s par for the course here at Idomoo. If you think about it, Personalized Video and gaming have a lot in common in their ability to create connected, immersive experiences.

Ubisoft’s enthralling kickoff campaign is just one example of how well this medium fits this market, but it’s only the beginning.

Level Up

Your audience isn’t average. Your communication strategy shouldn’t be either.
Join leading game companies around the world by harnessing the power of Personalized Video with Idomoo. Connect with your audience at their level for their biggest win yet. We’d love to set up a demo and show you how it works.

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