Adding Personalized Video as a Gift to Your Business

A Business Case for Personalized Video as a Gift

Ecommerce is a booming industry. Reports show ecommerce’s market share has grown from 13.8% in 2019 to an estimated 21% in 2021. But with growth comes new challenges, like an increase in competing retailers. How do you stand out from the competition?

We’ve seen firsthand how dynamic videos help brands cut through the digital noise — especially in ecommerce. Whether it’s making shopping fun with gamification or introducing a new line of products, Personalized Videos are a great tool to help retailers stand out.

But it’s not just enough to know you can leverage dynamic video. You also need to know how. So today we’re showing you one of the many ways to put Personalized Video to good use — as a bonus gift at the end of the shopper’s order. We’ll show you how this bonus ends the online checkout process on a high note and what it looks like in action.

Read on to give your customers their best gift yet.

How Businesses Can Use Personalized Video as a Gift

While our world has become increasingly digital, gifts are typically thought of as something you hold in your hands. Can online retailers give shoppers something virtual that adds to the customer experience?

Because it can be tricky to imagine, we’ll show you what a Personalized Video as a gift actually looks like with an example from personalized jewelry retailer, Jewlr.

As Jewlr was rushing to fill orders during the pandemic, they wanted a way for gift recipients to be excited about their gift and know it was on the way. To do this, they let customers buying jewelry for someone special send them an instant gift — a video personalized just for them.

Watching the viewer’s gift go from production to delivery makes for an engaging, immersive experience. It’s easy to see why a Personalized Video gift is bound to delight.

Gift Giving: It’s Personal

Giving a gift is a personal experience. Let’s say you receive a plain necklace from your friend. You’d probably be thankful but not exactly wowed. A necklace personalized with your birthstone, on the other hand, would be truly special.

A video given as a gift is no different. In order to be of value, the video has to be personalized to truly delight the viewer.

Personalization isn’t just a “nice to have,” though. Today’s consumers also expect it, thanks to ecommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart that display hyper-personalized recommendations. A Personalized Video as a gift gives consumers the individualized experience they expect from today’s brands.

With the way personalization has become central to ecommerce, it was a no-brainer that a video tailored to the viewer was just what Jewlr needed to dazzle their customers. Examples of personalization in the video include:

  • A custom message
  • The customer’s name
  • The recipient’s name
  • A rendered image of the jewelry bought
  • The gift recipient’s location on the package label

All of these elements make for a video just as personalized as the gift they’ve chosen.

Same-Day Delivery

Walker Sands reported 66% of customers listed one-day shipping when asked what factors would encourage more online shopping. It’s obvious customers want delivery ASAP.

Why not give customers a Personalized Video as a gift while they wait for their order to arrive? With the click of a button, a customer can “unwrap” their online bonus gift. Rather than end their shopping journey with a prompt to wait 3-5 business days, consumers get a sneak peek of what’s headed to their front door. And they enjoy the instant gratification often missing from online shopping.


The best way to personalize your marketing to Gen Z

Plus, because Personalized Videos are so easy to share, shoppers can show off their purchase to friends and followers on social media before it even arrives in the mail. It’s a fun way to let buyers promote your brand and products.

‘Tis the Season

Both on and offline, retailers are aware of seasonality: the times of the year where order volume spikes due to holidays and major events. A traditional video is unable to keep up — creating a new video for every season of the year can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

Personalized Videos, on the other hand, can adapt to whatever holiday is on its way. Video creative used in the past can be revamped with new personalized data, or specific scenes can be swapped out with entirely new ones with dynamic scene selection.

What’s more, dynamic scene selection helps brands make minor video updates for a major impact — specifically, a boost to their ROI.

Take Jewlr, for example. They not only launched a Personalized Video campaign for Mother’s Day, as shown above, but for several other holidays as well — including Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the winter holidays. Rather than shoot an entirely new video for each holiday, video creative was repurposed, and customers were wowed every single time.

Innovation in Online Retail

Gift giving is just one of the many ways Personalized Videos can foster innovation in the online retail space. Customer acquisition, cross-selling and more — Personalized Video has a bright future in this domain.

There’s a number of ways we can help you delight your shoppers and encourage them to make future purchases. With our fully open platform, you can choose to either do it yourself or leverage our Emmy-award-winning creative team to create your best video marketing campaign yet. Ready to get started? Speak to an expert on our team to see what Personalized Video can do for you.

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