Idomoo Launches ChatGPT Plugin for Real-Time AI Video Generation

ChatGPT plugins are certainly having a moment right now, especially as OpenAI has just recently made plugins available to all ChatGPT Plus users. If you’re in the tech community, it’s a lot of what people are talking about — the newest plugins, the best plugins and what’s coming next.

With OpenAI bringing artificial intelligence to the masses, there’s now a flood of options available to users, and plugins are just an extension of that, letting you do even more with AI, whether that’s making a hotel reservation or buying groceries. Using Idomoo’s official Lucas AI video creator plugin for ChatGPT, you can create a real-time video, generated with a simple text prompt.

So what can you do with Idomoo’s plugin and why should you care? I’ll talk about that more below, but first, here’s a high-level overview of ChatGPT plugins.

Revolutionizing ChatGPT With Plugins

ChatGPT has already undergone a few iterations. Its most recent update allows it to give advice and even to access third-party services connected via plugins. You can think of them like applications.

Plugins were slowly rolled out starting in March 2023, with the first arrivals in the plugin store including some well-known brands, such as:

  • Expedia
  • Instacart
  • OpenTable
  • Shopify
  • Slack
  • Zapier

When a developer creates a plugin, it’s like teaching a new skill to the AI tool. You develop the plugin — in our case, the Lucas plugin — and then give it to ChatGPT who learns from it, and now it knows how to make videos.

Think of it like “The Matrix.” You’re basically uploading a new capability.

The Idomoo ChatGPT Plugin for AI Video

With our plugin, ChatGPT can create a video for users on demand by leveraging our AI video creator, Lucas. It all happens in real time. The user tells ChatGPT about the video they want. Then ChatGPT writes a script Lucas knows how to parse and makes an API call to our Next Generation Video Platform. After accessing our platform, it creates a video.

There are 2 main use cases for creating an AI-generated video like this.

  1. To create shareable content: If you want a video to promote your business, impress social media followers, add to a school or work project or just show friends and family, you can now make one in a matter of seconds.
  2. To make content easier to understand: ChatGPT can already paraphrase complicated text or jargon into everyday language. With our plugin, it can now put that into a video so you don’t have to slog through several paragraphs. Just watch the video and get your answer.

A big difference in these use cases is the audience. The first is for other people, potentially millions if the video is shared online. The second use case has a much smaller audience — the user — but still a big job to do. For example, someone might upload blood test results and ask for a video that explains it in a way that’s easy to understand.

The new plugin allows users to combine the capabilities of both technologies, letting OpenAI research and provide data while Idomoo’s platform creates and renders the video.

For example, you can ask for a video to help you plan your next vacation as shown below.

Idomoo OpenAI Video Plugin Benefits

A few things make our plugin particularly useful to work with ChatGPT.

It’s easy to use. You don’t need to pick templates or provide a lot of information. Use the chat interface to share a few words about what you want in your video. Then you’re done.

It gives you a high quality video. It’s not only that the footage is sharp and high-resolution — the video is complete, not just stitching together stock footage. Lucas adds his own creative twist with graphics and animation, and there’s a wide range of styles, fonts and colors.

You’ll get plenty of options — fast. Our fast and flexible rendering engine lets us make videos quickly, so Lucas doesn’t give you just one video. He gives you 4 to choose from, delivered right away on demand.

It’s easy to edit. If you want to change something, like the voiceover or footage, it’s easy to do in the editor by selecting from drop-down options or uploading your own media.

Idomoo OpenAI Video Plugin Benefits

Lucas acts as an AI agent that uses best-of-breed technologies. Lucas already uses multiple technologies to create his video, from text-to-speech by Microsoft for the voiceover to Stable Diffusion for creative imagery. Lucas is a content creator, masterfully assembling the different pieces using Idomoo’s APIs and templates to create a finished video.

Always Innovating

Lucas is still evolving, learning every day as he gets better and better at what he does.

He’s not unlike his creator in that way. At Idomoo, we’re always innovating, from real-time Personalized Video for millions to Interactive Video that can be customized by the user right from the player.

We invite you to meet Lucas if you haven’t yet and see what you can do together. You can test out his skills via ChatGPT or get the same experience with free access to Lucas and all his capabilities at the link below.

What will you create?

Try Lucas

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