12 Customized Video Examples To Inspire Your Next Campaign

What if you could seamlessly blend video with custom data and deliver unique viewing experiences for each customer? This is the essence of customized video — a game-changing type of video content that’s revolutionizing how brands connect with their target audience.

With customized video, you can tailor your message to individ

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With customized video, brands can tailor their message to individual customers and even give viewers the power to customize the video to their liking. The result? Hyper-targeted content that resonates on a personal level, elevates conversion rates and amplifies the impact of brands’

From tailored customer onboarding experiences to interactive quote calculators, the possibilities are endless. Here are 12 great examples of customized video to inspire your next video marketing campaign.

1. SelectHealth

What was customized: First name, plan effective date, plan members and benefits

At the crucial onboarding stage, customized content can make a huge difference. Do more than just welcome your new customers — empower them with the information they need for a smooth experience ahead.

SelectHealth nails it with this customized onboarding video. From explaining the details on the viewer’s ID card to including their plan’s specific benefits, the video is designed to help customers hit the ground running with confidence. This sets the stage for a seamless customer experience and, ultimately, lasting engagement and satisfaction.

2. Marketo

What was customized: Full name

In this event invite, Marketo took a creative approach to customized video. Instead of addressing the viewer directly, the brand shook things up by talking about the viewer, setting up a scenario where event organizers “stress” over the fact that the viewer hasn’t registered for Marketo’s summit yet.

By calling the viewer out by name and emphasizing all the great things in store for them, Marketo cleverly inspires a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) while also making the viewer feel uniquely valued. By focusing on the viewer’s impact rather than just event details, the invite informs, entertains and engages on a personal level.

3. Plarium

What was customized: First name, gaming stats (total dungeon raids, win rate, etc.), creative

Who doesn’t love a highlight reel of their accomplishments? Plarium’s season-in-review videos showcase each player’s unique gaming journey, spotlighting cool stats like their win rate, top champions and more.

The great thing about these unique videos is that they’re super shareable. People love sending these kinds of recaps to friends or posting them on social media. This ends up boosting the brand’s reach while strengthening loyalty and community as users discuss their results.

Pro tip: Take customization to the next level with interactivity. Let each viewer pick the info they want to be featured in their custom year in review to boost engagement and satisfaction.

4. Oxfam

What was customized: First name, monthly gift amount

For nonprofits, building lasting relationships with donors is essential. Showing gratitude is a big part of this, and Oxfam did it right with their customized thank-you videos. The videos were shared with donors individually, but to give you an idea of how Oxfam’s thank-you videos look, here’s one of their generic videos.

Their customized videos followed a similar pattern, but added personalization for the donor’s first name and monthly gift amount. The message went beyond just a few words of thanks in an email — they let donors see firsthand the impact of their support.

Think about it. Seeing your name and the tangible difference your gift is making is personal and powerful. Not only do you feel appreciated but you’re also reassured of the organization’s impact, inspiring you to maintain the relationship and keep the support flowing.

5. American Water

What was customized: First name, address, charges, due date, billing period, water usage

No one likes to be surprised or confused by their bill. Recognizing that bill frustration can quickly lead to churn, American Water created customized bill explainers for each of their customers.


Consumers crave video from brands. Our report reveals exactly what they expect.

These weren’t your basic explainer videos — they were tailor-made for each customer, breaking down specific charges, due dates and even water-saving tips. By proactively answering questions and offering advice, American Water shows it cares about its customers’ experience.

It’s the kind of thoughtful touch that builds loyalty and keeps customers coming back.

6. University of Oregon

What was customized: Full name

The University of Oregon knows that a little customization goes a long way in capturing attention. As prospective students watch fun scenes of campus life, seeing their name pop up creates an instant bond, making them feel like a valued part of the community even before setting foot on campus. This personal touch creates a connection that goes beyond the screen, sparking genuine excitement and curiosity to visit the university.

7. Portable North Pole

What was customized: First name, age, photo, theme of message

Portable North Pole is a prime example of the magic of customized video. With just a few personal details, parents can create a tailor-made message from Santa himself, gifting their loved ones with a unique and unforgettable experience.

What makes this a standout example of customized video? The users have a voice, able to pick and choose the photos and theme of the message. It’s interactive, fun and, most importantly, personal. And hey, if Santa can do it, so can your brand. Put your audience at the heart of the action with customizable videos that are sure to resonate each time.

8. Farmers Insurance

What was customized: First name, car make, custom quote

This quote by Farmers Insurance shows how a sales video can engage potential customers with custom content. Tailored to the individual with a runtime of less than a minute, it grabs the viewer’s attention and makes it easy for them to absorb key points without losing interest.

The video also wraps up with a clear call to action, guiding viewers on the next steps to take. This combination of customization, concise messaging and a strong CTA makes this a prime example of effectively using video to improve sales.

9. University of Dayton

What was customized: First name, scholarship and grant amounts, remaining cost

Beyond recruitment, universities can also use video messages to break down key information about admissions and aid. University of Dayton’s financial aid explainer video provides students with a helpful 4-year overview of their scholarships, grants and costs, with every number specific to that viewer.

This kind of informative content is a great way to elevate the admissions process. Imagine students receiving an acceptance letter and being directed to a landing page with a customized video waiting for them. It’s a great way to make students feel, on a personal level, that they’re being guided and supported throughout the next steps of their academic journey.

10. Bluebiz

What was customized: First name

It’s the little things that make a big difference in the customer experience. Bluebiz’s customized birthday messages are a small gesture that speaks volumes about the attention it pays to its customers.

By acknowledging important moments, Bluebiz goes beyond transactional relationships to build genuine connections with their customers. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones, showing your customers that you care about their special moments can improve customer loyalty and leave a lasting impression.

11. KBC

What was customized: First name, loan installment amount, loan date

KBC hits the mark with this customized upselling video. The banking and insurance company taps into its customer knowledge by reaching out to a client who just bought a new car. Since Marie-Hélène got her installment loan with KBC, the company takes this perfect opportunity to make a compelling case for its insurance products.

By incorporating the customer’s name throughout and including the loan amount and date, KBC adds a personal touch that grabs attention and builds trust. All in all, the video is a great example of how businesses can use existing customer data, such as those found in CRMs, to craft hyper-targeted offers that appeal and convert.

12. Car Payment Calculator

What is customizable: First name, color, spoiler, premium wheels, interior package

Wrapping up our lineup of customized video examples is something a little different: an interactive car payment calculator.

This interactive video lets you customize the details right within the player. Adjust the color, decide if you want premium wheels and watch the video update in real time. Give it a try yourself by clicking the lightning bolt.

So why is this a big deal? Imagine embedding this kind of customizable video on your website. Visitors can toy with the numbers and get a custom pricing quote without ever leaving the page. You could even apply this tech to product demos, personal greetings and more — the sky’s the limit.

Ready To Go Custom?

In a competitive market, standing out is everything. And what better way to captivate your audience than with customized video?

People are hardwired to pay greater attention to content that uniquely relates to them. By incorporating data-driven customized video into your marketing strategy, you say goodbye to generic content and hello to personalized interactions that drive results. Whether you’re aiming to boost customer engagement, drive conversions or simply leave a lasting impression, customized video works.

Here at Idomoo, we’ve seen brands achieve results like 10x higher engagements and 9x uplift in conversion with the help of our Next Generation Video Platform. From allowing you to connect your video to any data source to rendering millions of customized videos in up to 100x real time, our platform makes video creation easy.
Ready to experience it for yourself? Reach out today for a free demo on how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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