Higher Ed: How The Industry Is Embracing Personalized Video

A version of this article appeared on Yahoo. You can read it here.

To reach today’s tech-savvy students, universities are upgrading their digital communications with advanced video technology — namely, Personalized Video. It’s now a key part of the student journey, from admissions to alumni relations and more.

Top universities, including New York Tech, Quinnipiac University, Lewis University and others are leveraging Personalized Video to create a more meaningful student experience. And they’re seeing incredible results, such as 4x conversion rates.

On The Rise

Video is a fan-favorite among today’s consumers — and younger demographics like Gen Z are a driving force behind its popularity. Just take a look at the success of TikTok.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down, either. Our own research shows the demand for video will continue to grow in popularity over the years to come, especially those that feature advanced technology — like personalization or interactivity.

To meet this need, top brands across industries are leveraging Personalized Video: A combination of powerful customer data and engaging video. The result? Customers receive a next-level experience relevant to their wants and needs.

What does this look like? In the banking sector, this can look like a video that explains every customer’s billing statement. In the health and wellness space, we’re seeing videos that recommend healthy lifestyle choices relevant to every viewer, empowering them to take better control of their health. And personalized highlight reels are gaining traction in the gaming industry, showing every player their gaming journey with videos just as immersive as the games they play.

Personalized Video for Higher Education

Personalized Videos work well in any industry, but they truly shine when used to enhance the student journey. Just take a look at this campaign from New York Tech as an example.

By sending out data-driven videos, the university was able to welcome newly admitted students personally. From their program of study to their financial aid and more, each video was just as unique as the student watching it.

And students loved it. Of viewers who followed the CTA from the video landing page, the university saw a higher than average 50% conversion rate from admit to deposit.

“Personalized video has enabled us to engage admitted students in a unique way that we have not tried before,” said Becky Spalthoff, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at Quinnipiac University. “Based on the test we ran last year, open and click-through rates increased and recipients took the extra step to consume content on our website. It is a tool we will continue to utilize moving forward.”

Another university that has leveraged Personalized Video to enhance the admissions process is Quinnipiac University.

To create an even more engaging experience, the university added an interactive CTA, where students could take immediate action by clicking to convert straight from the player. The result? The campaign saw 4x conversions compared to the landing page CTA.

Speaking to every student’s interests with our Next Generation Video Platform. Both universities used our fully open platform in a self-serve model, where they were able to streamline their work and quickly launch their campaigns.

“To reach students, you have to engage them where they are — on their devices,” said Yaron Dishon, Idomoo CRO. “Personalized and interactive video campaigns are innovative and attention-grabbing, but they’re also easy to create. We’ve had dozens of clients, especially in education, do it all in-house. It’s fast and effective.”

The Future of Digital Communications in Higher Education

The higher education landscape is changing. The student demographic is more diverse than ever before. College enrollment is on the decline. But universities are learning to adapt by speaking their students’ language: video.

And we’re helping top universities take their video campaigns even further. With the latest video technology, schools are able to send out Interactive and Personalized Videos to hundreds of thousands of students.

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