Improving Customer Experience in the Telecom Industry

The telecom industry is changing, thanks to a growing number of subscribers, new technologies and other fast-paced trends.

But while the industry’s services and products are rapidly evolving, their digital experience is falling behind. According to an Ericsson survey, only a third of customers believe their telecom company understands their needs — and nearly half (46%) believe providers are hiding behind “bad” technology, such as generic emails and responses.

How can telecom providers build a better experience for their subscribers? By improving the way they interact with customers on the devices they’re always on. We share how it can be done below.

Meet Customers Where They Are With In-App Coms

Today’s consumers are omnichannel. Of the channels they use, apps are especially popular — mobile apps make up 60% of digital media time.

It makes sense, then, that telecom companies should make apps a focus among the customer engagement channels they offer. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Bolster customer support with chatbots: Offer 24/7 support with a chatbot customers can use whenever and wherever they are.
  • Send out real-time updates via push notifications: Did your customer miss a payment? Want to let them know about a power outage in their area? Notify customers with important information in real time.
  • Make it easy to manage bills: Let customers make payments, check balances and more with the click of a button.

Use Videos To Clear Up Confusion

A common point of friction occurs when subscribers get their first bill. Because initial service typically starts mid-billing cycle, most telco companies don’t send out bills for the first period. Instead, they add that smaller amount onto the following month’s charges.

This practice, called proration, is a huge driver for customer complaints and calls in the first 90 days of new customers’ subscriptions.

But your brand can turn this point of friction into an opportunity to delight customers. Help subscribers better understand their first bill by swapping blocks of text for an easy to follow video. Our market study shows consumers are 3.5x as likely to prefer a video from a brand explaining complex information.

This video from BT clearly explains everything subscribers need to know about their billing statement at a glance. It’s transparent. It’s concise. Plus, a video like this adds a human touch where it’s needed most.

You can send explainer videos to customers about any topic that needs clearing up. Explain benefits customers can look forward to, how to create their online account and more with a video they can watch whenever they need.

Tip: Don’t wait until your customer has questions. Send customers a video that explains complicated concepts before questions arise to cut call center volume.

Improve Upselling With Personalization

From bundling plans to upgrading devices and more, there are tons of upselling opportunities in the telco consumer lifecycle. Research from McKinsey & Company shows that cross-selling increases sales by 20% and profits by 30%.


Learn how to add a personal touch to your loyalty program

But this strategy also comes with risks. Your customers already receive dozens of offers in their inbox. A generic, poorly timed offer can come off as irrelevant — and is likely to be ignored.

To increase conversions, add value to your offers by personalizing them to every customer, as Vodafone has here.

How much could they save? What upgrades were available? In a matter of minutes, viewers knew exactly what their offer entailed and how it would benefit them — making it a no-brainer to take advantage of the exclusive deal.

Building a Better CX for Telco Customers

As telecom companies look for new ways to differentiate themselves in the digital age, the companies that create a profound customer experience will rise to the top. Streamline your customer service with videos. Add a personal touch to upselling offers.

Another way we’re seeing brands upgrade their CX? With data-driven videos, able to reach customers on a 1:1 level in the format they love — video. And these campaigns are getting real results, from 30% call deflection to +16 NPS points and more.

Want to try it for yourself? Schedule a 15-minute call to speak to one of our video experts.

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