Personalized Graphics: What They Are and Why They Work

Visual content is a powerful marketing tool. Add personalization to the mix — and you’re now not only catching your viewer’s eye, but also speaking to their individual needs and interests.

While Personalized Videos are great (if you like 6x higher conversions and 10x higher engagement), personalized graphics can play a supporting role or even star in those lighter use cases when you don’t need a full video. Think of wishing your customer a happy birthday or sending them a time-sensitive promotion, for instance.

There are 2 kinds of personalized graphics: Personalized GIFs and Personalized Infographics. Both are scalable for an audience of millions and easily distributed across channels, making this personalized marketing solution just about as simple as you could ask for.

We’ll cover the benefits of both and where you can put them to use for deeper engagement, increased conversions and more.

The Power of Personalized GIFs

GIFs pack a punch in a matter of seconds. Spotify is just one enterprise using these animated images to bolster their marketing efforts. In a recent partnership with Giphy, listeners could search for and send GIFs that contain a direct link to the corresponding artist’s Spotify page.

GIFs are even better when personalized. Imagine using the GIF above, but it features your favorite song, how many times you’ve listened to the artist’s album or even an upcoming tour date you’ll be attending.

Now, this GIF is something you can share on social media to show your loyalty as a fan, your excitement for a show or any other humblebragging you have in mind. Plain and simple, personalized graphics take your GIFs to the next level.

And that’s not all Personalized GIFs can do. Besides being incredibly shareable, here are some other benefits Personalized GIFs bring.

Faster Time To Market

GIFs are fast to design and launch. This is great for lighter use cases, where you still want to delight your customers, but you don’t need several scenes.

Think of those times where you want to show customers your appreciation. Whether it’s thanking them for their loyalty as a valued member or celebrating a special anniversary, a Personalized GIF shows them you care.

Just connect your GIF to your CRM, and go. Everyone gets a graphic personalized for them, whether you have 100 or 1 million customers.

Boost Conversions

Personalized GIFs encourage your customers to take the next step. We’ve seen them work especially well as animated thumbnails for Personalized Videos, showing customers a (personalized) sneak peek of their video that entices them to click to watch, increasing CTR by 60% compared to static, generic thumbnails.

Personalized GIFs are a great addition to email campaigns tied to your marketing efforts, too. Announce a new product or sale and include an animated GIF of it in your email. The gif will auto-play as soon as someone opens the email, increasing its chances of being seen — and your customer clicking to find out more.

The GIF above is not only eye-catching because of animation, but also because it addresses the viewer by name. And personalization doesn’t stop there — this animated offer is for a customer interested in a mortgage, but you can tailor it to whatever else they may be looking for.

The Value of Personalized Infographics

Charts and graphs help viewers easily visualize and process information. A generic infographic gives highlights that apply to a broad audience. Make it personalized, though, and now your infographic is highlighting exactly what the viewer wants to know about.


Master the do’s and don’ts of personalization to captivate customer attention.

Custom infographics can give your customers a snapshot of almost anything, but here a few ideas to get you inspired:

  • Loyalty programs: Give members a quick recap of their reward points and where they can use them.
  • Complex topics: Break down confusing topics, like payment plans or new program details, with an infographic that covers the highlights.
  • Sales efforts: Let customers know what discounts are available to them in a single, uniform image.

You can also use Personalized Infographics to complement your Personalized Video campaigns. Ubisoft, for example, sent out the following personalized recap videos to players, which were full of data-driven highlights that spoke to every player’s personal gameplay.

In addition to their very own video, players also received a custom infographic. Check out a small section of it below — or click it to view the entire infographic.

Facebook and Twitter infographic share rates increase by 5X.

It was the perfect addition to boost the campaign’s social sharing. Players showed their friends and followers a snapshot of their best moments by sharing their Personalized Infographic on their social platforms. The campaign reached a massive audience with a 5x higher social share rate on Facebook and Twitter.

Personalized Graphics for Your Business

Personalized graphics are a proven method of driving engagement while building brand awareness. Inform prospective and current customers with infographics tailored to their interests. Wow them with GIFs that feature their name front and center.

If you have a few customers, you can create your GIFs and infographics individually with graphic design software. But if you’re looking to reach a global audience of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, you need powerful technology that automates the process. Using our Next Generation Video Platform, you can leverage your personalized graphics with ease and spread your message.

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