Earning Customer Loyalty Starts with Personal Marketing

Earning Customer Loyalty Starts with Personal Marketing

Developing brand loyalty isn’t an option but a must. Customer loyalty has got everyone talking. The recent flood of marketing articles, blog posts, white papers, eBooks and guides has put customer loyalty right in the spotlight, demanding constant attention. Companies need to pull the hat out of the bag and start piecing together the customer loyalty puzzle. Building personal and meaningful relationships with customers is the golden rule but how can companies make it happen?

Today’s customers are more challenging
In the digital and fluctuated world we live in, customers are more in control and have higher expectations about the way companies interact and serve them, according to Forrester Research Analyst, Emily Collins.

Customers are flooded with choices
In our cut-throat and competitive ecosystem and with multiple options right at their fingertips – customers are spoilt for brand choice to satisfy their purchase needs. That also means more challenges for customer retention. With polygamous loyalty on the rise, cultivating loyal relationships is more important than ever.

How you do it? Put the customer at the heart of things
Loyalty requires you to invest, commit and be compassionate. It’s about listening to your customers, understanding their needs and creating a tight bond. Just like investing in a loving relationship it requires heart and TLC. Personal marketing hits the spot as its customer-centric and focused on building a personal connection. And the heart of loyalty is about putting the customer at the heart of things. Below are 3 brands that are building customer loyalty and killing it with personal marketing campaigns.

1. Heinz “Get Well Soup” Campaign

Back in 2011, then 2012, then 2013, 2014 and again earlier this year Heinz took their consumers’ winter comforts, blues and needs to heart with a personalized Heinz “Get Well Soup” Facebook campaign. Each customer was given ownership of the iconic label, personalizing the Heinz Cream of Tomato or Cream of Chicken Soup can label with a get-well message for a sick friend. The can was delivered to their friend for less than the price of an average get well soon card. The campaign provided strong engagement by offering something personal. Sally Meekins, the Heinz marketing executive at the time, said “it wasn’t just the offer that people were engaging with, it was the idea and what it says about the brand by bringing people closer.”

HEINZ Get Well Soup

This campaign is a great example of product enhancement and customer engagement. By empowering customers to add their personal greeting on the packaging their values are prioritized and a meaningful bond between the customer and brand can be established. The power of emotional and personal marketing in connecting your customers with your brand is all about valuing your customer.

2. How will you GoPro? Viral Campaign

The GoPro campaign involved the entrie GroPro community and adrenaline junkie enthusiasts worldwide by kicking off a massive competiton online. It highlights living life to the max by shifting the focus on each individual and capturing their special moment on video and film. GoPro went all out. Their marketing strategy was all about motivating their customers to go out, live their dream, catch it on camera and share it online with the rest of the GoPro community. The campaign seized on their audience’s love for life and adrenaline rush needs perfectly. GoPro celebrated their customers’ passion. By encouraging them to share, they showed they care. The campaign had a strong emotional resonance about not letting life pass you by, to take action and inspire other individuals to turn their dreams into a reality.


The Grand Winner of the GoPro Campaign – Motorcycle Racing on the Clouds

The campaign’s perfect combination of personal expression with emotional aspirations is the key ingredient for emotional loyalty success.

How can you build a successful personal marketing campaign for your brand?

Start by finding what is valuable to your customers and connect that with your brand through a product’s feature or appeal. Ideally the values should generally relate to the users’ personal goals. Brands should, by association, help users achieve these goals.  It’s not easy to find these resonant messages and keep them fresh and alive over time. But it’s a brand’s best hope for creating loyalty, relevance, and profitable sales. Psychologists and professional consultants can help identify, develop insight and meaningful themes that can relate to engagment and loyalty in important ways.

3. BBVA “Future Self” Personalized Insurance Video Campaign

In a recent Idomoo Personalized Video campaign, global financial group BBVA really hit the bulls-eye with their use of personal marketing via a new powerful communication tool for customer engagment – Personalized Video. Here’s how BBVA’s Personalized Pension Video campaign helped to explain pension funds and encourage investment:


The Challenge: to communicate a pension scheme in an innovative way to its declining segment of Millennials and motivate today’s digital audience to take out a pension scheme

The Execution: BBVA enhanced customer engagement through the use of Idomoo’s Personalized Video. The campaign encouraged customers to be active in saving for retirement by presenting an image of an ‘older self’ speaking to the ‘younger self’ thanking them for saving money allowing them to live comfortably today.

The Emotional Angle: Saving for the future is associated with securing your plans later on in life and it’s also about your family’s security. This powerfully plays into the emotions of an individual.

The Personal Angle: Behavioral economist and Idomoo Academic Advisory Board Member – Professor Shlomo Ben Artzi states that connecting visually with our older-self can dramatically boost our willingness to save more for the future.

Results: BBVA has seen that digital clients invest more than traditional customers thanks to this innovative approach of a powerful emotional and personal simulation of their own future benefit out of this saving plan.

 Want to know more about how BBVA aced it?  Click here


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