5 Quick Tips for Getting Started With Personalized Video

When it comes to creating real connections with your audience, Personalized Video is a powerful tool. But like any tool, you need to use it the right way for it to be effective.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of Personalized Video, we have a few tips to share from lessons learned over the past decade-plus of working with clients in a range of industries, ranging from higher education to hospitality. Some of the biggest perceived hurdles to getting started with Personalized Video involve time, money, and where to get all that data.

We’re here to help. Read on for five (easy) Personalized Video tips you need to know now.

1. Right-Size Your Personalization

Personalization isn’t one size fits all. What works well in one industry may not work in another.

Case in point: Your bank certainly knows your account number, but that doesn’t mean you want to see it flashed on the screen in a branded video.

If in doubt, use common sense and start small. Draw on data you’ve already collected about your users so you can get off the ground with Personalized Video.

Then scale up from there. As you gather more data, experiment to find the right level of personalization that resonates with your audience.


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2. Use Live Action for Instant ‘Wow’ Factor

Personalized Videos run the gamut from 2D animation up to elaborate live-action sequences. And just like with data (see above), more complexity isn’t always better. You probably don’t need live actors to remind a customer about their utility bill.

But if you want to make a big splash, cinematic live-action is the way to go. We’re the only Personalized Video platform provided to offer full-service support for live-action films, but there’s a reason we do it. This style of video is an effective way to leverage the psychological benefits of storytelling. You’re already putting your audience in the story — real-world scenes make it that much more relatable, especially when you integrate new and familiar settings.

Video is already an emotionally charged marketing tool. Adding personalization makes it hit closer to home.

I can’t really write it as well as a video can show it. Check out the video below we made with SickKids, and you’ll see what I mean.

But there are other examples outside of nonprofits that tug at your heartstrings.

Think of a Personalized Video for platinum-level resort customers that includes places they’ve visited to help them reminisce about past trips. It can also include destinations they might enjoy, incorporating personalized elements to help them visualize their next vacation. That promotes retention, sales and brand love, all at the same time.

Speaking of personalized recap videos, they’re incredibly shareable — basically social media gold. We like to call it a secret weapon for brands.

3. Opt for Quantity To Scale ROI

The usual tradeoff when it comes to creating brand content is an old one: quality versus quantity. Do you want a little of something great or a lot of something that’s kind of meh?

Personalized Video changes the equation. Quality is a must. Viewers expect videos that are cinematic and high-definition, and when it’s tailored for the individual, it’s even better. The content is compelling because it’s personalized.

But if you hire an animator (or an agency) to create a video for every customer, it’s simply not scalable.

That’s where the right Personalized Video software comes into play. You want quantity with your campaign. If you have an amazing video, why not share it with more people?

Our technology can render millions of Personalized Videos in 100x real time. That means every one of your customers can get their very own video — just like Ubisoft did for 5 million of their players to kick off Ubisoft Connect.

When scale is no issue, this lets you spread your costs across thousands or millions of users, reducing metrics like cost per acquisition and increasing the likelihood of a high return on investment.

Read more: This talk about ROI isn’t just a marketing buzzword. Learn how the Red Cross got 17x ROI with Personalized Video compared to their control group.

4. Hook Your Viewer Early With a Personalized Cue

Thanks to the thousands of mediocre videos populating the internet, your viewer probably won’t be expecting anything special when they click play.

You have a few seconds to convince them otherwise.

Design with people’s increasingly short attention spans in mind. Add personalization early on to clue viewers in that you’re doing something different. It doesn’t have to be fancy — even dropping their name into the opening lets them know they should stick around.

And if they might be watching your video on their phones, aim for the first 2-3 seconds. Users tend to spend less time with content on mobile than on desktop.

Tip: If you’re putting your video into an email, read our guide on how to add video to your email. (Spoiler: Add personalization to the thumbnail to boost CTR.)

5. Leverage Batched Data To Save Time and Money

You can generate your Personalized Video from real-time or batch data. The key is knowing when to use which.

Real-time: Choose real-time video generation when you need the freshest, up-to-the-minute data. Our open API connects with any data source to generate a customized video instantly. The user clicks play and enjoys a personalized experience relevant at that moment. It’s as close to magic as it gets.

Batch data: Batch data, on the other hand, may be easier to implement and serves most use cases:

  • Marketing a new product
  • Onboarding a client for a loyalty program
  • Announcing a brand relaunch
  • Explaining how to use a service
  • Celebrating a customer who’s reached a milestone

And more. Plus, the implementation process couldn’t be simpler. Our platform connects to your CRM or database to generate as many personalized videos as you need, each one accessible via a custom URL compatible with desktop, mobile, smart TV and more.

It’s fast. It’s efficient. It doesn’t require repeat API calls that can be costly. And for the majority of scenarios when you don’t need real-time data, it’s just as effective.

Get Started Fast, No Stress

These are just a few ways to leverage the power of Personalized Video. Your campaign doesn’t need to be hard to manage or take months to get off the ground. (We’ve launched global campaigns in a matter of days.) And for the creative, you can work with our award-winning studio, let your own agency handle it or even do it yourself using our platform.

Ready to learn how Personalized Video can help you connect with your current or potential customers, increase brand loyalty and drive conversions? Reach out to schedule a call, and we’ll show you how it works.

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