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How to Create Personalized Content

How to Create Personalized Content (Without Making It Creepy)

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” opens with the rising of a curtain. This is a tribute to classic theater — a rising curtain has been shorthand for “the show is about to begin” for centuries. However, something is a little different here. These are not traditional theater curtains, but rather a

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The Psychology of Customer Engagement

How to Drive Action: The Psychology of Customer Engagement

What Drives Action? We are emotional beings who THINK we’re rational beings. What we buy, who we vote for, even who we choose to marry – are primarily emotional, or “feeling-based”, decisions. People THINK they make decisions based on rationality, but what they are much more likely to do is

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Top 10 Ways To Personalize Video

Top 10 Ways To Personalize Video

“Personalization” has become an inescapable marketing buzzword. It seems everywhere you turn someone is talking about “personalized experiences”, “personalized ads”, “personalized communications”, and so on. Then there’s “Personalized Video”, which aims to combine 2 massive internet trends: Video & Personalization.

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Why I’m making #MyThankYouVideo

Every day at 7 pm, NYC claps. Every day at 7 pm, the city that never sleeps drops everything to recognize and thank our healthcare workers for the selfless love and compassion they show their patients. They’re doing their jobs, but really – they’re doing so much more than that.

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