Personalized Video Platform Idomoo Secures $18M in Latest Round

Personalized Video Platform Idomoo Secures $18M in Latest Round

New York, NY, October 1, 2019 – Personalized Video (PV) company Idomoo recently concluded a successful funding round, raising $18 million from investors led by venture capital funds Target Global and Disruptive. “Personalized video is the future of customer engagement,” said Tal Barnoach, General Partner of Disruptive VC. “Idomoo makes it easy for brands to deploy their own personalized video campaigns and enjoy superior engagement, conversion and retention rates.”

“Idomoo is in great position for significant growth in the years ahead,” added Shmuel Chafets, General Partner at Target Global. “Their platform’s performance has been battle-tested with massive scale campaigns for the most demanding clients, proving that the technology behind this company is best-in-class. I have complete confidence in the company’s visionary management team.”

Idomoo platform

Idomoo offers a full suite of composing, rendering and distribution tools designed specifically for data-driven video, allowing its users to rapidly generate cinematic-quality PVs, at scale and on a self-service basis, for their campaigns. Through its cloud-based Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS™) platform, brands and agencies can simply create accounts and quickly develop and launch end-to-end PV campaigns.

The new investment round will be used to increase the capabilities of Idomoo’s self-service platform, in addition to advancing the company’s capabilities in areas such as business development, marketing and customer success.

Idomoo’s Personalized Video services are used to drive engagement and business results in virtually all B2C verticals, including Gaming, Travel & Hospitality and Financial Services. This continued expansion is also reflected in the volumes of videos rendered, as campaigns with volumes in the tens of millions are becoming more commonplace.

Some recent examples of campaigns powered by Idomoo include:

Idomoo CEO and Co-founder Yaron Kalish sees the new investment round, the company’s third since founding in 2008, as pivotal to its continued growth. “We are very pleased with the outcome of our latest funding round. This overwhelming support from Target Global, Disruptive and our earlier stakeholders will enable us to continue developing our platform, explore new use cases and build stronger ties with our customers,” he said.

Berlin-headquartered investment firm Target Global has invested in promising ventures across Europe and Israel, including AUTO1 Group, wefox, Travelperk and Rapyd, and has already enjoyed several successful exits, e.g. Delivery Hero. Disruptive focuses on providing funding to high-potential companies with a world-changing vision. Its portfolio includes IronSource, Beamr, Qwilt, Anodot and Tailor Brands.

Learn more about Personalized Videos.

Press contact: Dan Edelstein


About Target Global

Target Global is an international investment firm headquartered in Berlin, with €700m in assets under management. We connect the key European startup ecosystems and leverage the unique DNA of each of our target geographies, across our global network. Building on our experienced team with substantial operational and investment experience, we help exceptional entrepreneurs to build market leaders. Target Global invests across multiple stages, investing in fast-growing tech companies, targeting trillion € markets. Our Partners have been investing for more than 15 years in the digital technology space, backing some of the key European success stories. The Target Global portfolio includes companies such as Auto1, Delivery Hero, Omio (formerly GoEuro), TravelPerk and WeFox.

More about Target Global:

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