Personalised Video from

Personalised Video from

Video has become an increasingly popular–and effective–way for marketers to engage with consumers. Separately, but simultaneously, the need and ability to personalise marketing efforts has also emerged as a huge priority.

Now put the two together, and the power of personalised video seems like a sure bet.

Brands are catching on. For example, last month Facebook launched the “Say Thanks” video–its second video campaign of the year. Based on a nifty piece of software, the campaign lets members use their own photos to create customised videos for their friends.

The campaign follows the successful “A Look Back” personalised video, which ran in February to celebrate Facebook’s 10 birthday. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference within days of the videos launch, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said the video had been created and shared by over 200 million Facebook users. More importantly, according to Sandberg, more than 50 percent of people who watched the video went on to create and share their own.

Although Facebook is staying mum regarding the traction of the more recent personalised video offering, U.K.-based, Mondelez-owned chocolate maker Cadbury is not so shy in touting the success of its own personalised video play. In late August the company launched a personalised video campaign in Asia to support its Cadbury Glow gift chocolates in India.

Consumers were given the chance to upload photos either manually or from Facebook to create a personalised video, and then email it to a friend. The video includes a box of Cadbury Glow chocolates at the end.

Cadbury reports strong customer engagement with the video, with 90 percent watching the personalised video to the end, 65 percent clicking through to the Cadbury website, and 34 percent converting by filling out a contest form.

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