Jacada Partners with Idomoo to Bring Personalized Video to Visual IVR

Complimentary advanced technologies integrate resulting in highly customized digital customer interactions 

ATLANTA – June 22, 2017 – Jacada, Inc., a leading global provider of customer service technology designed to simplify the interaction between businesses and their customers, announced that it has partnered with Idomoo, a leading provider of Personalized Video technology, to enhance Jacada’s successful Visual IVR offering. Idomoo helps brands present real-time, highly personalized videos with individually-relevant information during customer engagements. Combined with Visual IVR, customers will be able to digitally engage with companies on their device of choice and perform interactions through visual menus and informative video – all personalized in context with their name and transaction information. 

Leaders in telecommunication, utility, banking, insurance, and other industries benefit daily from Visual IVR’s ability to provide an enriched and cost saving digital self-service experience. Now, the integration with Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS™) platform, Visual IVR delivers additional engagement and customer satisfaction.  As an example, a customer may call the contact center of his telecommunications provider for support. This caller can be directed into an engaging Visual IVR interaction that can authenticate the customer, present self-service solutions to issues, and even go a step further to show them a video personalized with their name, account information, equipment, and scenario. 

 “Both Jacada and Idomoo believe in technology that enables clients to engage every customer while reducing customer care and retention costs,” says Guy Yair, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “Every customer deserves personal attention, effective engagements, and communication in context with their needs. Integrating Idomoo’s technology into Visual IVR is a valuable addition to the advanced digital customer engagement abilities of both our offerings.” 

“We are very excited to launch this collaboration,” says Yaron Kalish, Idomoo CEO. “Our PVaaS™ platform has been used by over 100 enterprise clients to deliver engagement that customers love and respond to.  Together with Jacada’s Visual IVR platform we will bring to market a powerful, engaging and effective self-serve solution that will wow customers and deliver savings to enterprise clients.” 

About Jacada

Jacada provides solutions that simplify and improve the effectiveness of customer interactions.  Jacada’s mobile, customer, agent desktop and process optimization solutions help companies reduce the cost of their operations, drive customer satisfaction, and provide a complete return on investment within the first year after deployment.  Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; and Herzliya, Israel. More information is available at www.Jacada.com. 

About Idomoo

Idomoo helps brands deliver on the promise of customer personalization – moving each customer emotionally and practically by addressing them individually with a personalized video uniquely tailored to fit their needs. We deliver the most effective customer engagement for your brand because we combine both of the most powerful technologies: video and personalization on a massive scale.

To learn more about Idomoo’s Personalized Video technology, click here to schedule a demo.

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