Idomoo Storybuilding Suite: Introducing a new world of digital communication

Idomoo Storybuilding Suite: Introducing a new world of digital communication

I’m excited to announce Idomoo has opened its technology with a new service – The Idomoo Dynamic Storybuilding Suite makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to create profound digital communication campaigns on their own. Today also marks the official launch of our next generation platform – Idomoo Personalized Video Cloud.

The Idomoo Dynamic Storybuilding Suite is all about giving you – the brand, the agency and the marketer – the power to create personalized videos on your own.

Over the past three years Idomoo has delivered successful personalized video campaigns for leading brands such as BBVA, PPL Electric Utilities, Cadbury, Cricket, AXA and MetLife, giving top marketers the ability to inspire and excite their customers and giving agencies the opportunity to win the most prestigious awards by introducing innovative digital marketing campaigns to the market.

Thanks to the outstanding results these campaigns drive – the innovative visualized marketing content and its relevancy to each and every customer at scale – Idomoo technology has been proven time and again, to dramatically increase customer satisfaction, retention, engagement, conversion and brand affinity, compared to other digital marketing channels known in the industry.

With this proven track record in boosting business success and today’s digital customer journey becoming much more challenging to penetrate and influence, Idomoo was looking to enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from our powerful technology through a self-serve SaaS model.

On top of our Full Service solution, we now offer a new end-to-end SaaS service allowing each and every business to leverage the power of Idomoo’s personalized video technology. The Idomoo Dynamic Storybuilding Suite removes the aches and pains involved in the video creation process. From creative, design, animation and rendering to distribution – the new solution automates and streamlines personalized video creation with an advanced tool set that enables and manages the process from start to finish.

In our customer-centric digital space and in light of a myriad of marketing personalization technologies, predictive analytics and big data, personalized video is the perfect catalyst for utilizing all this business insight and bringing it to life via innovative digital marketing campaigns.

We invite all businesses and agencies to realize the benefit of personalized video and communicate with their customers on a 1:1 level through personalized, relevant messaging that is communicated through the most beautiful, clear and engaging channel – video. Rise above the competition and let your customers feel that your business knows them personally and cares about their needs.

As we all know, one-size fits all doesn’t work anymore. It’s time to modernize customer communication and from now on– the tools are in your hands – to make that change. The Idomoo Storybuilding Suite revolutionizes digital business communication and we’re excited to see how more industry leading marketers and agencies will be leveraging personalized videos to transform their digital and customer communication.

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