Idomoo Announces the Launch of PVaaS™ 2.0: Here’s What’s New!

Idomoo Announces the Launch of PVaaS™ 2.0: Here’s What’s New!

We are pleased to announce the release of PVaaS™ 2.0, the latest version of our Personalized Video as a Service platform. Version 2.0 truly marks the arrival of Native Personalized Video, a concept we have been developing for quite some time. What does Native Personalized Video mean? In short – that data-driven videos of all sorts are able to match the quality of “standard” video productions. 

We believe that adding personalization as an overlay on top of existing video is just not good enough. Native Personalized Video allows for the creation of cinematic, data-driven videos that uphold the quality of the original video. This means effects, camera movements and other advance video capabilities are not negatively affected at any point during the personalization process (you can read more details here). 

There are many parts to achieving a truly native integration of the personalized elements in a video, including: 



But that’s not all! In addition to delivering true Native Personalized Video, PVaaS™ 2.0 represents a major step forward in terms of reducing the complexity of launching Personalized Video campaigns. We know Personalized Video works and so do our clients, but we are also very aware that simply delivering results isn’t enough anymore – we need to make sure that our clients can launch campaigns easily and quickly in order to make the technology usable as part of their daily business.  

In continuing to execute on our No Headaches vision, PVaaS™ 2.0 includes: 

amit2 (1).png


So PVaaS™ 2.0 delivers Native Personalized Videos without the headaches traditionally associated with dynamic video campaigns. What else does it do?

Well, one of our key competitive advantages has been our ability to render videos in real time and at scale – what we call Enterprise Grade.  This is important since real time rendering ensures the data used for personalization is timely and relevant and also saves money on unnecessary rendering and storage costs.  Real time rendering is achieved through our purpose-built GPU-based video rendering engine.  Continuing to invest in our rendering engine is therefore critical to sustaining our competitive advantage in the industry. 

Specifically, PVaaS™ 2.0 delivers: 

  • 2X improvement in video rendering speed for seamless real-time implementations
  • Enhanced, rich analytics

“Using our open SaaS platform, launching engaging Personalized Video campaigns has never been easier or quicker,” says Danny Kalish, Idomoo’s CTO and Co-Founder. “PVaaS™ 2.0 doesn’t just introduce expanded creative capabilities and more insightful analytics. The platform is an incredible tool through which clients can deliver true Wow Moments to their customers and drive meaningful engagement like never before.”

Early Results

While today marks the official launch of PVaaS™ 2.0, the platform has been in limited commercial testing for the past few months, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.  Our test clients have managed to reduce the time required to launch their Native Personalized Video campaigns by as much as 80%! That means that delivering an end-to-end Personalized Video campaign can now take a few weeks – or even days – rather than a few months.  In this regard, PVaaS™ 2.0 is more revolution than evolution. 

As if working on PVaaS™ 2.0 didn’t keep us busy enough, we are also proud to share some recent product news that help in bringing our vision to the market: 

  • Idomoo for Chatbots combines data-driven video capability with natural language chatbots, greatly improving the usability and engagement of chatbots, which we believe will become an important communication and service channel between customer and enterprise.
  • As a Facebook Marketing Partner, our Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook integration enables advertisers to easily create Facebook video ads for highly specific audiences based on demographic data, user behavior, preferences and more. Our customers can now use dynamic videos for acquiring new customers and not only for engaging existing ones.

To learn more about PVaaSTM 2.0, or about any of our other solutions, click below to schedule a demo.

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