How Auto Trader Upped Their Game Using Dynamic Video Ads on Instagram Stories

How Auto Trader Upped Their Game Using Dynamic Video Ads on Instagram Stories

It’s fair to say that no two people are the same. Each person has different interests and different perspectives. Advertisers have known this for years and have increasingly been applying it to their marketing efforts through personalized email campaigns, dynamic banner ads, dynamic keyword insertion and other personalization technologies. But until recently, advertisers were unable to implement this approach in the world of video advertising which is, after all, the most engaging and powerful medium available to them.

For Auto Trader, one of the largest automotive retailers in the UK, this was an issue. Video is an essential component of any automotive ad campaign as it is by far and away the most effective way to communicate and illustrate the many features of a new car, not to mention the emotion that that car invokes. And this is what drove them to Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook & Instagram Stories.

The Methodology

The car in question was the Fiat 500X and the goal was to interest customers in buying the car and ideally to schedule a test drive. Auto Trader wanted to highlight the car’s versatility and adaptability to different lifestyles and uses, in order to excite the customers about the car.

Using their own data in combination with Facebook’s rich targeting data, Auto Trader was able to match customers with the most relevant leisure activities and showcase to them, with the help of some leading social influencers, how the Fiat 500X could fit into and enhance their lives.

The headline for the campaign was that the Fiat 500X can “go anywhere”. With that in mind, Idomoo worked with Signal Productions to create a series of audience-specific Dynamic Video Ads which featured within Facebook & Instagram Stories. The Fiat 500X was shown on a date night in the city, a road trip to the countryside, skiing, camping and more… and the most relevant activities were pitched to each potential customer based on their Facebook interests and likes. Resulting in thousands of highly targeted and engaging Dynamic Video Ads.

The ads were created using Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service platform (PVaaS™), which made the process quick and easy. They were then uploaded onto Instagram Stories using our integration, which we built on the back of our existing Facebook integration.


We know from our experience with Facebook advertising that Dynamic Video Ads can outperform standard video ads on every metric, and were eager to show that the same holds true on Instagram Stories. And hold true it did!  The interest-specific ad CTRs outperformed the generic ads by a whopping 56%, ultimately resulting in hundreds of conversion events, which represented a significant uplift vs. generic ads.

“Results were excellent – surpassing expectations as well as industry benchmarks and resulting in the 500X model shifting up 110 places in the search rankings to the 3rd most searched for on the Auto Trader site” said Kate Barrett, Brand Communications Manager Fiat & Fiat Professional at FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In fact, during the campaign the Fiat 500X became the most engaged car on Auto Trader within the target audience. The campaign reached over 2.5 million users across Auto Trader, Facebook & Instagram.


Dynamic Video Ads are more targeted, more engaging and more effective than generic video ads, whether they are deployed on Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere. In a world where getting relevance and share of mind is increasingly challenging, Dynamic Video Ads offer a powerful tool that should be a part of every marketer’s arsenal.

Facebook and Instagram offer amazing opportunities for person-to-person and brand-to-person engagement, but their potential is wasted if advertisers attempt to use these highly personal platforms with generic, cookie cutter campaigns. Using influencer marketing in combination with Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads solution made it possible for Auto Trader to capitalize on the true potential of these platforms, combined with their own customer data, in a way they have never before done. The ads were engaging, relevant, non-invasive and fitting to the medium. And the results followed.

Learn more about Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook.

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